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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Resources Without Repercussions

To Whom It May Concern: We wanted to follow up on the April 4 article in The Hoya concerning the “Save Georgetown Day” initiative [“GUSA Launches Save Georgetown Day Initiative,” The Hoya, April 4, 2017, A5] so that we could further clarify the privacy and confidentiality of Georgetown Emergency Response Medical[Read More…]

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Guess What I’m Going to Get Mad About

Over the past few months, I’ve seen an issue I care deeply about warp into a self-righteous, off-key operetta set in the Georgetown community. Sexual assault policy reform, like that outlined in the Georgetown University Student Association’s recent memorandum of understanding, is an effort that requires respect for all positive[Read More…]

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Campus Plan or Student Sell-Out?

Ever take a look at the 2010 Campus Plan? Hopefully you haven’t, because you have much better things to do than pore over a set of five-year-old zoning requirements. It’s more likely, however, that you’ve unknowingly seen the effects of the plan play out in front of you. Take Georgetown’s[Read More…]

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GUSA Vice President Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15) and President Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) have advanced some campaign goals so far.

Midway Through Term, GUSA Executive Takes Stock

Georgetown University Student Association President Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Vice President Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15) have made efforts at reform and advocacy across a wide span of issues throughout the first half of their term, but have often found their efforts impeded by Georgetown’s administration. The duo, who gave[Read More…]

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Coors Light Clemency

No week of a student’s life is more socially excruciating than the first week of college. The new liberties associated with living on one’s own, combined with the pressure to find friends within the first few weeks of college, can lead to understandable lapses in judgment, especially when it comes[Read More…]

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GUSA to Hold Referendum on Evidentiary Standard

The Georgetown University Student Association Senate voted unanimously Sunday to hold a student body-wide referendum regarding changes to the Code of Student Conduct’s evidentiary standard. If passed, the referendum would not have the power to change the standard, which is currently set at “more likely than not.” The bill is[Read More…]

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One Year Later, a Look Back at the Meaney-Laverriere Term

Georgetown University Student Association President Mike Meaney (SFS ’12) and Vice President Greg Laverriere (COL ’12) campaigned in 2011 to improve student life, neighborhood relations andGUSA accountability. As the pair leaves the executive office, Meaney is still surprised that he and Laverriere won the race. “About a year ago, upon taking the oath of office, I said that it was[Read More…]

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Student Rights Pamphlet Released

The Georgetown University Students Association released its Student Rights Pamphlet Thursday, drawing to a close an initiative that has been in the works for over a year. The guide is intended to be a digestible resource for navigating the policies of the Department of Public Safety, the Code of Student[Read More…]

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Meaney and Laverriere Gained Ground for GUSA

One week ago, the buzz surrounding GUSA centered on the election of a new president and vice president. But one year ago, outgoing President Mike Meaney (SFS ’12) and Vice President GregLaverriere (COL ’12) were just getting started. Now, as their tenure comes to a close, Meaney and Laverriere can say that they leave GUSA a stronger, more legitimate institution than they[Read More…]

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GUSA Sets Out Student Rights

The Georgetown University Student Association released a proposal for revisions to the Student Code of Conduct as well as a Bill of Student Rights and Responsibilities Monday. According to GUSA members, the most notable proposed change is to the burden of proof requirement in code violations. The revision would change[Read More…]

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