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Engaging the Wrong Community

Engaging the Wrong Community

The number of complaints we’ve heard about Counseling and Psychiatric Services is unacceptable. With mental health at the forefront of national dialogue, it is no wonder that students have penned op-ed after op-ed after op-ed decrying what they perceive as CAPS’ failure to provide adequate treatment. While we urgently need to improve CAPS (and student government is trying),[Read More…]

Disability Support Receives Funding

The Office of Student Affairs will provide the majority of funding for disability accommodations at student-sponsored campus events by the 2017-2018 academic year in accordance with an agreement reached with the Georgetown University Student Association on Tuesday. The funding will cover American Sign Language interpreters and other disability-related accommodations including[Read More…]

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Student Budget Drafts Tentatively Approved

The Georgetown University Student Association Finance and Appropriations Committee released a budget draft Thursday for student organizations looking to receive funding from GUSA in the coming fiscal year. The Division of Student Affairs had previously agreed to fund all student advocacy boards with 27.5 percent of the Division of Student[Read More…]

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GUSA Forms Endowment Committee

In a resolution passed Sunday, GUSA voted to create a committee that will decide the fate of the $3.4 million left in the now-defunct student activities fee endowment. The Commission on Student Activities Fee Endowment Reform will be responsible for creating a plan to allocate the funds remaining in the[Read More…]

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Student Body Vote on Fee Overhaul Kicks Off

Polls for a referendum on Student Activities Fee and Endowment reform went live Monday evening, yielding 741 student votes at press time. For GUSA senators, a publicity drive to reach their magic number of 2,000 participants is in full swing.   The voting push comes as students face a measure[Read More…]

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Vote No on SAFE Reform

The two words can be found in large font and blue ink on signs plastered across campus today: “Vote Yes.” Faced with a referendum on Student Activities Fee and Endowment reform, students may take one of three routes: heed the command on the signs, opt out of the voting entirely,[Read More…]

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New GUSA Senate Sets Goals for Year

The newly elected senators of Georgetown University Student Association marked their official entrance into student government by setting an agenda and goals for the upcoming year on Sunday afternoon. GUSA’s primary aim for the year will be reforming the student activities fee, a $100 sum charged to students as part[Read More…]

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GUSA Unanimously Passes Student Activities Fee Budget

The Georgetown University Student Association Senate has passed the fiscal budget for next year’s Student Activities Fee allocation, despite a dearth of available funds to satisfy requests and a lag in two advisory boards’ adherence to key funding reform guidelines. After a presentation of the final budget by the Finance[Read More…]

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