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GALIBA: Choosing Self-Care Despite Stress

GALIBA: Choosing Self-Care Despite Stress

I thought shooting stars were a myth. They may be astronomically proven, and relentlessly depicted in popular culture, but one had never streaked across my eye. This skepticism held true until I was laying on the grass at midnight at the Calcagnini Contemplative Center in the middle of last April.[Read More…]

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PROJECT LIGHTHOUSE/FACEBOOK | While some clubs like Hoya Blue and the Georgetown University Astronomical Society emphasize an open membership structure to create an inclusive, low-stress environment, other organizations like CAPS and Project Lighthouse offer strategies and resources for managing the constant stress that comes with Georgetown student life.

Mental Health Clubs, Resources Address Stress Culture

Clubs on campus can be sources of friendship, academic growth, professional connections and party invites, but they can also be a stressful aspect of life for some on the Hilltop. Between the application process and constant interaction with hierarchical power dynamics, some students can struggle with the stress culture associated[Read More…]

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GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY CLUB SPORTS/FACEBOOK | The CAB Fair serves as a showcase for many students looking to find the clubs they hope to call home on campus, with many clubs showing up to attract new sign-ups. Recently, CAB Fair 2.0 launched, which features only clubs with open membership.

Campus Clubs Form Integral Part of Student Culture

When Georgetown students introduce themselves on campus, a laundry list of identifiers ensues: name, school, year, major, maybe hometown and then extracurriculars. At Georgetown, club involvement can determine friendships, social involvement and perception on campus. This emphasis on involvement in often application-based, seemingly exclusive extracurriculars has led to the emergence[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Amend Withdrawal Policy

Georgetown University should not penalize students for withdrawing from a course. Under Georgetown’s current policy, students can add or drop courses without penalty during the first week of school. While students do not face GPA penalties for dropping a course during the withdrawal period — the two-month period after add/drop[Read More…]

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Stress Culture: A Georgetown Tradition

Stress Culture: A Georgetown Tradition

Two weeks ago, I had an existential crisis. It started at about 2 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon and lasted about a week. I am a naturally existential person, so crises come easily to me, but this crisis had a very real and tangible cause. It was caused by words[Read More…]

The Mind-Body Medicine Program, which launched 13 years ago in the Georgetown University Medical Center, has expanded to undergraduates over the past few years, catering students in the School of Nursing and Health Studies and the School of Foreign Service who experience stress.

Mindfulness Meditation, Stress Relief Program Expands

“There is nothing that I am prouder of,” Georgetown University Medical Center professor Aviad Haramati said with a smile, recalling his role in the founding of the Mind-Body Medicine Program 13 years ago. The program, built around a series of courses in GUMC, teaches self-care strategies of stress relief and[Read More…]

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