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SACHS | Steroid Use Faces Divergent Reactions Across Sports

On Super Bowl Sunday, the day when fans and the media prepare for the biggest game in all of American sports, I came across an unexamined issue with implications beyond football. This year, what caught my eye was an NFL Network segment dedicated to New England Patriots’ wide receiver Julian[Read More…]

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Pressure to Succeed Leads Students to Drug Abuse

For college students and student-athletes across the country, mounting pressure to succeed appears to be linked to increased use of performance-enhancing drugs. Performance-enhancing drugs are substances used to improve some aspect of an individual’s performance, either physical or cognitive. These enhancers include anabolic drugs, like steroids and hormones, as well[Read More…]

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RAMLOW: Rodriguez’s Legacy Remains Tarnished

RAMLOW: Rodriguez’s Legacy Remains Tarnished

In the past few years, several baseball icons have retired, among them a group of New York Yankees that defined a generation of Major League Baseball. Now, another iconic figure — Alex Rodriguez — has left the game behind. But where Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter went out with standing ovations around[Read More…]

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BARTON: Hall of Fame Voters Should Focus on Stats Over PEDs

BARTON: Hall of Fame Voters Should Focus on Stats Over PEDs

A little more than a year before his 756th homerun, I watched Barry Bonds play a game in Philadelphia. The fans booed and jeered, throwing syringes at him as he took his place in left field. All that changed when Bonds ripped his 713th career homer over the outfield. The[Read More…]

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BARTON: A-Rod’s Legacy Tainted by Steroids

BARTON: A-Rod’s Legacy Tainted by Steroids

Barring a cataclysmic collapse, the New York Yankees will advance to the postseason for the first time since 2012. Embattled slugger Alex Rodriguez has been a major contributor to the Yankees’ success. While A-Rod’s batting average is sub-par, his 32 home runs rank 10th best in the American League in[Read More…]

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For Te’o, Armstrong, Deceit Trumps Crime

My father still finds the time to remind me of life lessons. Eat your vegetables. Get your exercise. Do well in school. His favorite saying, though, is a little more profound: “The cover-up is always worse than the crime.” We see this in sports a lot. Just look at Michael[Read More…]

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Dumb Decisions on the Hilltop and the Diamond

In weighing the recent Harbin drug-related arrests, I’ve started to think about dumb people in sports, whose actions have similarly affected the public’s overall perception of their peers in a negative way, and have raised interesting questions. The obvious example is the steroids era in baseball. Like the kids who[Read More…]

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