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USA SCIENCE ENGINEERING FESTIVAL | The implementation of Title IX regulations opened careers in STEM fields for women, according to NASA astronaut Mary Cleave.

Title IX Allowed Women to Pursue Careers in STEM, NASA Astronaut Says

Title IX regulations enabled women to successfully pursue careers traditionally reserved for men at institutions like NASA, astronaut Mary Cleave said at an event Friday. The Georgetown University Astronomical Society and the science, technology and international affairs program hosted the event as part of the Heyden Distinguished Lecture Series, named[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Foster Community for Women in Science

For many women at Georgetown University studying hard sciences like physics and computer science, isolation can encompass and overwhelm their academic experience. To increase female enrollment and retention in scientific fields where they are underrepresented, Georgetown University must actively promote community and mentorship for women. At Georgetown, 60 percent of[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Closing Gap for Women in STEM

When we discuss the involvement of women in fields like science, technology, engineering or mathematics, the data itself tells a story. The Department of Commerce reports that women hold less than 25 percent of STEM jobs in the United States, but hold 48 percent of all jobs in the labor[Read More…]

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President Hosts Sixth and Final White House Science Fair

President Barack Obama hosted the sixth and final White House Science Fair of his administration Wednesday, marking the largest fair to date with more than 130 student winners and competitors from across the country. The White House welcomed students from science, technology, engineering and math competitions across the country, as[Read More…]

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President Barack Obama’s proposed education budget for the next fiscal year focused on student debt and affordability issues, as well as STEM education.

Obama Budget Addresses Student Debt

President Barack Obama’s 2017 proposed education budget, released Feb. 9, aims to tackle issues of college debt and affordability as well as bolster science, technology, engineering and mathematics-related learning. The proposal also endeavors toward expanding funding for teacher training with a suggested $69.4 billion in discretionary funds and $139.7 billion[Read More…]

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NASA Commons
Students in NASA’s Student Launch Rocketry Competition watch a rocket take off in Tooele County, Utah during the 2013-2014 contest. Georgetown’s new rocketry team hopes to compete in this year’s competition.

Students Launch Rocketry Team

When Eric DeShields’ (MSB ’18) plans for a Georgetown solar go-kart racing club did not quite pan out, he decided to settle for the next best thing: a rocketry club. The Georgetown Rocketry Team officially launched this month, aiming to launch a student-built rocket a mile into the sky with[Read More…]

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The university placed a red chair in Healy Circle this past spring to symbolize the seat women should take in technology development.

Georgetown Partners with Sit With Me

Despite rapid growth in the technology industry, there is only one woman for every three men employed in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics job. The Sit With Me initiative hopes to turn that statistic around. Sit With Me, formed by members of the National Center for Women and Information[Read More…]

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Major Trouble

Major Trouble

Something always bothered me about the quintessential college introduction process. “Hi, nice to meet you. What’s your major?” As if the absolute most interesting thing I could disclose to a new acquaintance was my chosen field of study. (Far from it, actually — as a math major, the usual response[Read More…]

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Where Are the Female STEM Majors?

Where Are the Female STEM Majors?

Choosing a major can be one of the most consequential, agonizing decisions that we make in our college careers. Unsurprisingly, male and female students tend to choose different majors. We most often hear in the popular press about low female participation in STEM and economics majors, which boast higher starting[Read More…]

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Women in STEM

Women in STEM

STEM is a commonly used abbreviation referring to science, technology, engineering and math, and traditionally, the descriptor of a male-dominated industry. However, there is a group of women here on the Hilltop that are currently working to change that through a new on-campus organization — Stemme. “We are so excited[Read More…]

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