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Home caregivers, fast food workers and adjunct faculty work all in multibillion-dollar industries yet struggle for livable wages and fair labor practices. Artists are no exception. The arts are affected by the vulnerability, instability and elitism in the economy as defined and measured by current econometrics. Artists must often work[Read More…]

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A Plea for the Survey

We, the members of the Freshman Executive Committee, as a body formed to represent the Class of 2019, strongly urge our classmates to take the university’s confidential Sexual Assault and Misconduct Climate Survey. This survey is designed to give the university a better picture of how sexual assault has affected[Read More…]

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DC Poverty Rate Increases

As the region struggles to recover from the recession, the poverty rate in Washington, D.C., which has steadily risen since 2007, reached 18.9 percent in 2013, a marginal increase from the previous year, according to recent findings from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. The survey revealed that about 115,550[Read More…]

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Title IX: Man’s Best Friend?

Title IX: Man’s Best Friend?

College campuses are hotbeds of sexual assault. As more and more frightening statistics pour in (such as the ever-unsettling one in every five women will be sexually assaulted by the end of her college career) it becomes clear just how commonplace this violence is. Superficially, a recent sexual assault case, Harris[Read More…]

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College Enrollment Dips Nationwide

The percentage of students choosing to enroll in college from high school has steadily declined since the end of the recession in 2009, sparking concerns about demographic changes in the national student population. On April 22, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report on college enrollment that found that[Read More…]

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Colleges Deflate Admissions Rates With Incomplete Apps

As college applicants compete for coveted spots, universities, too, compete in the race to drive up application numbers. The Washington Post recently reported that some universities are misrepresenting admissions data, particularly applicant numbers and acceptance rates, by including incomplete applications in total application counts. Incomplete applications are ones in which[Read More…]

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Pay Unequal Across Schools

Despite statistics released by the American Association of University Professors earlier this month placing Georgetown faculty among the top-paid professors in the country, professors and administrators agree that the university’s faculty compensation policies are in need of improvement.   According to Provost James O’Donnell, salaries for arts and sciences faculty[Read More…]

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