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Scenes and Lessons in an Italian Bar

In the middle of Fiesole, there is a little bar that promises “the best Guinness in Italy” and takes claim to the time-honored tradition of the poorly lit Irish pub. The Guinness was okay; the rest of the beers were better. I did not speak a lick of Italian, the[Read More…]

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24 Hours in Dublin

Dublin is currently experiencing a period of significant economic and cultural growth. The walkable and tourist-friendly city is a fascinating amalgamation of old and new, blending tradition with modernity. You could spend months simply exploring all the nooks and crannies of culture and entertainment that the city has to offer,[Read More…]

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A Home of Fear, Warmth, Conflict and Joy

A Home of Fear, Warmth, Conflict and Joy

My most distinct memory of the Middle East is of a soldier who did not wear a military uniform but instead a royal blue polo. I’m not sure why he was dressed differently, but he carried himself differently as well. His obsidian eyes pierced mine through the car window, a[Read More…]

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Humanizing the U.S.-Mexican Border

As the hot desert sun beat down on sand and concrete, a woman waved to us from behind a chain-link fence. “We love having visitors,” she said with her words easily passing through the metal barrier that separated us. “We need help.” This woman, along with approximately 1,500 other undocumented[Read More…]

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Alternative Breaks Program Expands

Alternative Breaks Program Expands

The Center for Social Justice’s Alternative Breaks Program announced in November its expansion to include 31 service trips, the most in ABP’s history. The increase includes six new trips, including trips over the summer and Presidents’ Day weekend, as well as five new spring break trips. Founded in 1975 with[Read More…]

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BASEBALL | Consistency Evades Hoyas

The lingering winter weather has taken its toll on Georgetown’s baseball schedule. The Hoyas were scheduled to face the University of Maryland-Baltimore County on Tuesday, but they were forced to postpone a game for the third time this season because of snow. Georgetown is coming off of its spring break[Read More…]

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Disaster Prep for Student Volunteers

Over spring break, four Georgetown University undergraduates and one graduate student will take part in the Atlantic Hope humanitarian disaster simulation in conjunction with the Jesuit University Humanitarian Action Network in Fort Pierce, Fla. The simulation, which will occur from March 6 through 9 at the Public Safety Training Complex[Read More…]

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ASB Looks Beyond One Week

Participants on this year’s Alternative Spring Break will see a more cohesive, multidimensional program incorporating reflection into all aspects of the trip than in previous years. Since its inception in 1974, Alternative Spring Break has sent students to locations from Detroit and the Alabama Gulf Coast to engage in a weeklong service[Read More…]

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States Trade Calzones For Endzones

For me, one of the worst parts about returning to Georgetown after spring break is the lack of good Italian food. I probably don’t even have one one-hundredth of a percent of Italian blood in me, but I really appreciate a good calzone. In response to my cravings for a pocket[Read More…]

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Refocusing With a Roman Holiday

Most of my friends had a holiday in the sun over spring break, but I got to travel to Rome with my class called “Americans in Italy.” We spent the beginning of the semester exploring the influence of the popular Grand Tour of the 19th and 20th centuries on American art and literature. On[Read More…]

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