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KIM: What St. Benedict Tells Us About Manual Labor

KIM: What St. Benedict Tells Us About Manual Labor

During the induction ceremony for new graduate students, I sat with fascination and interest as various leaders of Georgetown University shared the school’s history and values. As I listened, I recognized the university’s constructive intersection of history and modernity. The ceremony encouraged me to delve into other traditions related to[Read More…]

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Martin Scorsese on ‘Silence’

Martin Scorsese on ‘Silence’

Acclaimed director Martin Scorsese has become the first filmmaker to participate in Georgetown’s Faith and Culture Lecture Series. On April 11, Scorsese joined University President DeGioia and Berkeley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs senior fellow Paul Elie in conversation about “Silence,” his most recent film, discussing the relationship[Read More…]

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Dahlgren Chapel serves as a physical reminder for the Georgetown community of the Ignatian and Jesuit commitment to interreligious collaboration for spiritual harmony.

Campus Ministry On Spiritual Health

REV. BRYANT OSKVIG  “Spiritual well-being is the integration of experiences into a sense of self related to meaning and purpose in relation to others and the world. Our religious traditions give us a rich symbol system, a language and methods to examine and develop this integration. Such integration is not[Read More…]

Nicholas Scrimenti

SCRIMENTI: Compassion, A Balancing Act

To most people, empathy is seen as the height of human insight and a necessary first step toward altruism. Empathetic people are viewed as being particularly attuned to the human condition, selflessly able to put aside their own emotions to vicariously experience the internal state of another. In actuality, though,[Read More…]

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Deep Silence Spurs Reflection

How does the whirlwind that is New Student Orientation at Georgetown conclude? Not with cries and cheers, nor with blaring horns. Rather, it concludes in a sustained hush, in great silence. Allow me to recount NSO’s final moments in McDonough Arena this past Tuesday night. The 1,600 new members of[Read More…]

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ROSENBERGER: Dance Club Confessional: Embracing Christ’s Love

ROSENBERGER: Dance Club Confessional: Embracing Christ’s Love

‘Forgive me father for I have sinned,” I heard a man mumble as I turned the corner heading backstage. Like many Christians, I was familiar with this phrase. I was not, however, accustomed to hearing it addressed to a 6-foot-tall drag queen backstage at Town Danceboutique. Confused, but realizing I[Read More…]

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O’BRIEN: From Grief, Perspective and Hope

O’BRIEN: From Grief, Perspective and Hope

Last month, Andrea Jaime (NHS ’17) died just weeks after beginning her sophomore year at Georgetown. A few hours after she died at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, students, faculty and staff gathered in Dahlgren Quadrangle for a prayer service of remembrance. We tried to fashion a message of comfort, though[Read More…]

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Welcoming LGBTQ Students to Ministry

Georgetown takes pride in welcoming students from different backgrounds onto its campus each year. We offer concern for all of our students and promise a small “C” catholic understanding of how to live. As a top-tier Catholic institution, Georgetown captures an inclusive vision for Catholic spirituality. Georgetown has long been[Read More…]

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GAVIN & HONJIYO: Church Community Goes Unappreciated

GAVIN & HONJIYO: Church Community Goes Unappreciated

Imagine asking three of your peers — people in their late teens or early 20s — about their religious affiliations. On average, according to a recent survey from The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, one of these three people will say that he doesn’t affiliate with any one[Read More…]

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Silence and the Soul

I’m noticing the airplanes again. For new students on campus, one of the ways that you know you have finally made the Hilltop your home is when you stop noticing the jets flying overhead. There came a point during my freshman year here when that happened, and again when I[Read More…]

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