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Go-Go Going Nowhere

Frenetic drum beats, cheering and chanting pour out onto U Street. The sounds emanate from the insides of theaters, clubs and performance halls, where masses of Washington, D.C. music fans sing and dance, abandoning themselves to the untamed spirit of the “Chocolate City.” Although this scene is timeless, the type[Read More…]

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Songs of Struggle and Spirit

Nat King Cole. Ella Fitzgerald. Chuck Berry. Aretha Franklin. Kendrick Lamar. When it comes to understanding the power of black artists in the American musical landscape, there is certainly no shortage of icons from which to choose. In fact, it is impossible to discuss the history of American music without[Read More…]

Ayan Mandal

MANDAL: Material Body, Immaterial Soul

According to a recent Harris poll, around 64 percent of Americans believe the soul survives after death. Of course, they would disagree upon the exact nature of the soul, but most will agree that it possesses two central characteristics: one, it is nonmaterial, and two, it allows us to be[Read More…]

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ALBUM: ’25’

ALBUM: ’25’

In the world of pop mega-stardom, there exists perhaps no greater challenge than the third studio album. While an artist’s first two albums lay the groundwork for a sound that will — hopefully — attract the masses, the third record is burdened with the task of evolving that sound and[Read More…]

Album Review: ‘Lift Your Spirit’

Album Review: ‘Lift Your Spirit’

3/5 stars With “Lift Your Spirit” as its title, Aloe Blacc’s new album could not be clearer about its intentions. The soul and rhythm and blues singer returns with his third studio album, but most mainstream listeners will recognize Blacc from Avicii’s hit “Wake Me Up,” for which Blacc provided vocals. Never quite managing to become the uplifting[Read More…]

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Sticky-Sweet Family Film Fails to Catch a Good Wave

Sean McNamara’s latest film, Soul Surfer, a new release about the life of one-armed surfer Bethany Hamilton (AnnaSophia Robb), does an awful job of presenting a compelling story. A passionate, talented surfer, Hamilton recovered from a shark attack — in which she lost an arm — to become professional. Her story[Read More…]

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