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BIGGIO: Finding Hope in Compassion

BIGGIO: Finding Hope in Compassion

Last year, I prided myself on my immunity to the “sophomore slump,” an experience of generalized apathy common among second-year university students. While many sophomores grapple with a dissipation of excitement after college loses its novelty, I delighted in my liberation from freshman-ness. Far from the terrifying loneliness of the[Read More…]

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Hundreds of Students Join Walkout to Protest Gun Violence

Hundreds of Students Join Walkout to Protest Gun Violence

Hundreds of students marched out of class Wednesday morning to call for gun violence prevention, part of a nationwide network of protests in the aftermath of last month’s mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla. At least 200 Georgetown University students, members of faculty and local families gathered[Read More…]

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A panel of commentators discussed issues of working-class Americans for a crowd of about 60 spectators at a panel event Tuesday, stressing solidarity to heal national divides.

Panel Discusses State of Working Class Families

The Catholic teaching of solidarity is essential in addressing the societal neglect of working class families, according to a panel of commentators, labor leaders and Catholic advocates for working-class families at an event on Tuesday. “[Solidarity] is one of the fundamentals of our social doctrine — the fact that we[Read More…]

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A Love Letter to Us: The Queer Community

A Love Letter to Us: The Queer Community

This is my love letter. But it isn’t to one person. It is to a community — a community that has taught me how to love and be loved, that embraces me even when I don’t embrace myself, that is profoundly compassionate and inclusive in nature. This is my love[Read More…]

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Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the Interfaith Gathering for Solidarity, Understanding and Peace in Gaston Hall on Wednesday. GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY

Interfaith Gathering Encourages Solidarity

Vice President Joe Biden, national leaders of the Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish and Sikh faith traditions and student speakers reflected on the importance of unity and the need for Americans to come together and fight against Islamophobia at an Interfaith Gathering for Solidarity, Understanding and Peace in Gaston Hall[Read More…]

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O’Brien Expresses Solidarity With Muslim Community

Vice President for Mission and Ministry Fr. Kevin O’Brien, S.J. penned a letter in support of Georgetown’s Muslim community Thursday, emphasizing the university’s commitment to its Muslim students in light of recent terror attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad. The letter, as of press time, has been shared 169 times[Read More…]

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Coordinate Solidarity

Coordinate Solidarity

Student-athletes at Georgetown launched a campaign to raise awareness of the unethical business practices perpetuated by Nike — specifically the use of sweatshops in their production process. Operating on a nearly four-decade business relationship, Nike provides free gear to Georgetown Athletics in exchange for the guarantee that student-athletes will promote[Read More…]

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Solidarity Against Bigotry

On a campus where most forms of physical or emotional hostility are thankfully rare, it can be especially jarring when we learn of an incident that challenges our notions of safety — both close to home and from afar. Last week, one of our classmates was antagonized and accosted. The[Read More…]

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In Catholic Thought, Solidarity Before Birth

Students wonder which readings from the professor’s list are really necessary, shoppers are unsure just which items to bring back from the grocery store and worshippers question which commandments from God’s list they really have to observe. This common experience unfortunately also applies when we are sorting out our moral[Read More…]

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Students Demonstrate Solidarity With Homeless Youth

About 20 students gathered on the Leavey Esplanade to brave the elements in a symbolic show of support for the District’s homeless population Friday night. The “Solidarity Sleep Out” event, sponsored by Hoya Outreach Programs and Education and the Center for Social Justice, was the first of its kind at the university.[Read More…]

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