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The Georgetown Scholarship Program offers support to 650 students, most of whom are first-generation, to attend college.

Missing Out: The GSP Students Who Would Have Been

Like many Georgetown University students, Teodora Lancaster (COL ’20) expected her time on the Hilltop to be a balancing act of classes, internships, healthy social outings and sightseeing. But just over a year into her time at Georgetown, Lancaster is coming to understand the severe constraints imposed by her financial[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Extend Aid to International Students

As campus discourse continues to focus on making Georgetown a vibrant, diverse and welcoming home for all, there is one group that is consistently ignored: international students. The position of international students within the Georgetown community reveals both a weakness in the university’s genuine commitment to diversity and international-mindedness and[Read More…]

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OWSIANY: Make Equality A Priority

Last year as a news writer for The Hoya, I covered the New York Times’ first annual ranking of socioeconomic diversity on college campuses. This year, Georgetown plummeted in the rankings from 46 to 88. While reading The Hoya’s coverage of the drop, I noticed the same line touted that[Read More…]

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GU Drops to 21 in Rankings

GU Drops to 21 in Rankings

Georgetown fell out of U.S. News and World Report’s annual top 20 university rankings, released Tuesday, and was also named the best university for veterans. Georgetown also placed 46th among the 90 schools ranked in The New York Times’ first ever socioeconomic college-ranking poll, released Monday. U.S. News and World[Read More…]

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College Admissions Look to Socioeconomic Factors

On April 22, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold Michigan’s 2006 decision — which was supported by 58 percent of voters — to ban consideration of race or sex in public education and employment, a victory for states’ rights. In a 6-2 vote, the justices ruled in Schuette v. Coalition[Read More…]

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A Leader in Equal Access

As bachelor’s degrees have become instrumental to most careers, policymakers have long been working toward the goal of making a college education available to anyone who wants one. Last week, University President John J. DeGioia attended the White House College Opportunity Summit — a small first step from the university[Read More…]

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