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SAMUEL NELSON/THE HOYA | Ryan O'Sullivan's (MSB '19) Snapchat post containing racial slurs was publicly exposed on Twitter in January 2017, but he remained an employee at the East Campus Residence Hall Office for nearly two years after the incident.

University Response to Bias Incident Frustrates Students

The practice of calling out offensive speech on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook has raised the stakes of having a digital footprint — not only for individuals who express bigotry, but also for the institutions responsible for holding them accountable. Screenshots of Ryan O’Sullivan’s (MSB ’19) Snapchat posts[Read More…]

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UHUSTLE Christy Felix (MSB '20) is set to launch her own social media platformed aimed at aiding student entrepreneurs trying to expand their consumer base.

Student to Launch Social Media Platform

Christy Felix (MSB ’20) is preparing to relaunch UHustle, a social media and marketing platform she designed for students to advertise their entrepreneurial ventures on college campuses. The platform is set to launch in January 2019 after experiencing technical problems due to faster-than-expected growth following its initial launch Oct. 14.[Read More…]

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Kiki Schmalfuss/The Hoya

Competing Confectioneries Define Georgetown

All students have a type, whether they want to admit it or not: trendy, touristic, edgy. More specifically, Georgetown students usually prefer one of three main styles, represented by Sprinkles, Georgetown Cupcake and Baked & Wired. When they aren’t comparing how little sleep they got the night before with each[Read More…]

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MOINUDDIN: Simple Promises, Complex Realities

MOINUDDIN: Simple Promises, Complex Realities

Last week, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg travelled to Capitol Hill to testify regarding the company’s knowledge about political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica, which improperly accessed and obtained the information of more than 50 million Facebook users. He spent two days giving testimony to Congress, answering questions ranging from[Read More…]

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MORETTA: Choosing Activism Over Image

As I stood at the Lincoln Memorial, a barrage of cameras flashed, desperate to capture the historic moment. The presence of the cameras was no surprise: Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) speech calling for unity and respect at the intersection of feminism could stop anyone dead in their tracks. Yet, the[Read More…]

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MA: Facebook’s Threat to Democracy

When you scroll through your Facebook news feed, you most likely see a slew of funny videos, sponsored posts and news articles. Facebook’s mission statement, posted on its investor relations page, states its goal is to “give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” Yet,[Read More…]

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HARDING: Learning to Be Fearlessly Opinionated

HARDING: Learning to Be Fearlessly Opinionated

My life has often been a series of realizing what I should have said an hour too late. Perhaps this is why I write — and revise — instead of competing with Georgetown’s debate team. I have always tried to keep my biases and political opinions to a minimum, particularly[Read More…]

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Movie: ‘Ingrid Goes West’

★★★★☆ We live in an age dominated by the internet. Yet despite the increasing focus on image and the power of social media to show off cultural capital, few films have explored the effects and dangers of these trends. First-time filmmaker Matt Spicer’s “Ingrid Goes West,” starring Aubrey Plaza and[Read More…]

TIMSIT: The Dangers in Denying Facts

TIMSIT: The Dangers in Denying Facts

Facts are foundational to our democracy. We turn to them to help us lift the veneer of hypocrisy that characterizes modern politics. Following this election, however, it seems that facts no longer have the ability to compel policy or sway public opinion. According to PolitiFact, a staggering 70 percent of[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Mitigate Bias in Social Media

This past summer, Facebook faced criticism for its trending news section being biased towards liberal sites, routinely ignoring or suppressing conservative news outlets like Breitbart. In response to these accusations, first revealed through documents obtained by the technology blog Gizmodo, Facebook fired the human editors whose job it was to[Read More…]

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