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Brown House: An Institution of Student Life

Brown House: An Institution of Student Life

As of fall 2016, 3616 N St. NW will no longer be used for undergraduate student housing. Instead, Brown House is slated to be repurposed for Office of the Provost “strategic needs,” the purpose of which is unknown to students. Despite student activists regularly engaging with knowledgeable administrators on the[Read More…]

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It’s Good To Be Busy

Many have railed against the perceived detriments of Georgetown’s overly busy, extracurricular-oriented culture. These arguments condense into a few points. First, extracurriculars force students to spread themselves thin not only over classes, jobs, exercise and social life, but also clubs, which are integral to the Georgetown experience. Second, in pursuing[Read More…]

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Sex Sells Georgetown Short

It is in the wind here at Georgetown, carried in every puff of hurried breath laced with 5 gum, Marlboro or coffee mixed with last night’s Burnett’s. Connotations, insinuations and expectations pour out of every glance; every passing word; every decision on where to sit in class; what level to[Read More…]

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Social Life a Must for Clubs

As club recruitment winds down this week, student leaders should take care to expand their focus from attracting new members to retaining those they already have. Most underclassmen looking to get involved on campus are primarily driven to apply to student organizations because of the missions of those clubs. However,[Read More…]

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Keg Limit Abolished on Campus

Keg Limit Abolished on Campus

The one-keg limit for on-campus parties will be abolished effective today, Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson announced last night. The decision comes just days after the Georgetown University Student Association senate passed a bill calling for the elimination of the keg limit. Olson’s decision seen as an extension[Read More…]

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Key to Vibrant Campus Life Lies With Students

Depending on where you are in your Hilltop career, you might be thinking about pregaming in your room, finding the weekend’s best house party or dancing at the Tombs or somewhere down M Street. Georgetown students are lucky; we have all kinds of options when it comes to social life.[Read More…]

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Better Social Life a Two-Way Street

As the incoming and outgoing presidents of the student body, we find ourselves in parallel states of reflection: one looking at past accomplishments and the other looking to future plans for making Georgetown a better place. As we prepare for transition in the GUSA executive, one of the biggest issues[Read More…]

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Like a Good Neighbor

Last Friday, Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson held the semester’s first collaborative luncheon, an informal meeting run by his office to promote an ideas exchange between group leaders and senior administrators. Last week’s discussion centered on one of the university’s most persistent challenges: town-gown relations. Despite various concessions[Read More…]

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Confessions of a 20 Year Old Virgin

I am a virgin. I’m not trying to shout it out from the rooftops, but I’m also not ashamed of it. I’ve never had sex.  And? To be fair, I’ve never encountered a situation in my life where the opportunity to have sex was standing right in front of me.[Read More…]

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Three’s Company

One may be the loneliest number, but as the song goes, two can be just as bad. Britney Spears provided a possible solution — “3.” At Georgetown, threesomes are more prevalent than many might expect. However taboo they still might seem, threesomes are a part of sex life on campus[Read More…]

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