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An unidentified group of Civil War soldiers look across the Potomac River to the simple landscape of Georgetown’s campus.

Built by Slaves and Jesuits

Established in 1789, Georgetown University is an institution 226 years in the making. From its more historic buildings like Healy Hall and Old North to its newer additions like the Rafik B. Hariri Building and Regents Hall, the campus flows with longstanding tradition mixed with modern change. In its post-Revolutionary[Read More…]

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QUALLEN: Georgetown, Financed by Slave Trading

QUALLEN: Georgetown, Financed by Slave Trading

Thomas Mulledy and the Jesuits had a problem. Actually, they had hundreds of them: Across 12,000 acres, 272 slaves toiled to feed the sprawling plantation system upon which the Maryland Jesuits built their provincial enterprise. But this system was under threat. By the 1830s, the rumblings of abolitionism imperiled both[Read More…]

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Behind Solomon’s Story

Behind Solomon’s Story

Now nominated for nine Academy Awards, “12 Years a Slave” has had a profound effect on critics and audiences alike. The film tells the story of Solomon Northup, a free black man kidnapped and forced into slavery. On Jan. 15, John Ridley, the screenwriter of “12 Years a Slave,” sat[Read More…]

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Professor Discusses Politics of Slavery

Yale History professor Edward Rugemer presented a draft of a chapter from his upcoming book to Georgetown faculty and Ph. D students Monday during the Georgetown Workshop in 19th Century U.S. History. “We try to bring people to campus who are doing innovative work in 19th century American history to have a conversation about what they’re thinking,”[Read More…]

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PEREZ: ‘Django’ Warps Racial History

PEREZ: ‘Django’ Warps Racial History

It is not often moviegoers get to see the ugly side of American history. For once, “Django Unchained” is a big production that has the issue of slavery at its core. When I first heard this movie, which generated a great deal of buzz and acclaim for writer and director Quentin Tarantino,[Read More…]

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