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Microbiology and immunology professor Daniel Lucey will speak at a symposium on the west African Ebola crisis, to be held in the Intercultural Center on Tuesday. Lucey spent three weeks in Freetown, Sierra Leone, giving training sessions on how to properly use protective equipment when treating Ebola patients.

Back From Sierra Leone, Expert to Speak on Ebola

Georgetown will hold a symposium on the Ebola crisis on Tuesday in the Intercultural Center, featuring various doctors, policy makers and experts on infectious disease and global crises. One perspective that the symposium will highlight is that of microbiology and immunology professor Daniel Lucey, who just returned from three weeks[Read More…]

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Sirleaf addresses the media in London in Nov. 2012.

Ebola Crisis Postpones Africa Business Forum

The Ebola crisis in western Africa has prompted the postponement of “The Future of Development and Business in Africa,” an Aug. 4 forum that was to feature Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The event, sponsored by the university and The Coca-Cola Company, has yet to be rescheduled. The forum’s focus[Read More…]

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Film Captures Education Inequality

Film Captures Education Inequality

After watching a 30-minute preview of the documentary¬†Girl Rising, I was more moved than I had been by every movie that I had seen in 2012 combined. Directed by Richard Robbins, the film traces the lives of nine girls from underprivileged backgrounds and from a variety of countries, including Peru,[Read More…]

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Summer Provides An Opportunity To See, Not Just Study

“So, how was your summer?” This is the question faculty and students will be asking one another this week. For faculty and increasingly for students, the answer isn’t expected to be about where you spent your vacation and what you did, but about what you learned and produced. Faculty, especially[Read More…]

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