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Sex Issue 2015

Sex Issue 2015

Georgetown’ Contraception Control Students explain their frustrations about the inability to buy contraception on campus and discuss the implications on their sex lives. Confronting Double Standards of Sexuality What makes a girl a “slut” and a guy a “player”? Why is the girl labelled a “bitch,” when the guy is[Read More…]

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Pride in Being Yourself

“Being gay is like having a super power. I don’t mind it all.” In reality, not being straight often sucks. My experiences with oppression in a society not built to serve me in terms of sexuality and struggles with gender identity can attest to that. Because I am deeply involved[Read More…]

Cancer’s Mental Strain

Critics, including a number of self-proclaimed feminists, have questioned the effectiveness and integrity of a recent Facebook campaign to raise consciousness about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The campaign, which asks Facebook users to change their status to indicate where they like their purse by writing, “I like it on[Read More…]

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Disabling Stereotypes

The summer before his junior year of high school, Evan Monod (COL ’15) had his first serious girlfriend. Monod has cerebral palsy which affects his balance, so he uses crutches when walking. “Early into it, she just asked me, ‘So, does everything work?’ I’m like, yeah! Yeah, it works,” Monodsaid. “But I’d never been asked[Read More…]

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God’s Plan for Sexuality

Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once said, “Millions of people dislike the Church for what they think she teaches. But there aren’t 10 people who dislike the Church for what she really teaches.” Much of the recent conversation on this page of The Hoya related to the Catholic Church and[Read More…]

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TISA: Faith, Sexuality in Harmony

TISA: Faith, Sexuality in Harmony

This column is the first time I acknowledge my sexuality in a public record. From here on out, alea iacta est — “the die is cast.” There can be no return, and I feel entirely at peace. Do not interpret the above to say I dedicate myself forevermore to the[Read More…]

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Lecturer Discusses Neurobiology, Sexual Preference

There is a biological link between the brain and a person’s sexual preference, visiting lecturer Simon LeVay argued Tuesday in the Intercultural Center. LeVay, a renowned neuroscientist known for his research on sexual orientation and the brain and author of 11 nonfiction books, delivered a lecture called “Gay, Straight, and[Read More…]

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