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Check Your Syllabus

Turning to a trusted authority figure for guidance and support is often one of the first steps students take after experiencing trauma. As syllabus week comes to a close, however, students might not know that, according to Title IX, faculty members are “mandated reporters,” obligated to relay their conversations to[Read More…]

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In November of this past year, I was raped. It happened at Georgetown. The perpetrator was a Georgetown student. Rape happens here. With all the individual experiences shared on campus media recently, no one can deny that fact. But I don’t blame Georgetown for what happened to me. In fact,[Read More…]

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Expand Consent Education

After the expulsion of rape survivor Willa Murphy this summer, campus has rung with calls for sexual assault reform. Student activists at the forefront of this charge have presented the university with a number of policy recommendations, including ongoing and mandatory programming to educate students on issues pertaining to sexual[Read More…]

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Account Pushes Policy Reform

Account Pushes Policy Reform

A student movement advocating for better university management of sexual assault cases gained traction last week after the Georgetown University Student Association came to an understanding with administrators to increase awareness campaigns and expedite planned initiatives. Students and administrators made agreements to improve the marketing of campus resources for sexual[Read More…]

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A Shared Obligation

The start of my freshman year at Georgetown was unremarkable. In the first couple weeks of school, I quickly fell into a group of friends — all male — who lived on the floor above me. We ate all our meals together, studied together and, on the weekends, went out[Read More…]

We Stand With Survivors

Like many of you, we were saddened by Willa Murphy’s account of her experience as a survivor of sexual assault (“I Stand With Willa, I Stand With Survivors,”, July 22, 2015). As two of the individuals on Georgetown University’s campus who work with survivors every day, our care and[Read More…]

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Student activists, including author Zoe Dobkin (SFS '16), back left, carry a mattress during October's Carry the Weight event, a day of sexual assault awareness at college campuses across the country.

I Stand With Willa, I Stand With Survivors

In the spring of 2013, Willa Murphy was violently raped by a fellow Georgetown student. It was such a traumatic experience that it took over a year after her rape before she was able to tell anyone, not uncommon for survivors. It was only in June 2014, after she had[Read More…]


Track Program Under 2 Investigations

Following public allegations made against the track and field program this week, Georgetown University released a statement detailing an ongoing investigation of inappropriate behavior Friday. The university expressed concern over the misconduct and said that steps will be taken to eliminate this sort of behavior. “Although not every student-athlete engaged[Read More…]

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Secretary of Defense Talks Sexual Assault in Military

Secretary of Defense Talks Sexual Assault in Military

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter discussed the importance of eliminating sexual assault in the military in Gaston Hall on Wednesday. The audience was filled with over 250 Reserve Officers’ Training Corps cadets from several universities in the Washington area. The event, which was held in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness[Read More…]

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America’s Failing Feminism

When Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers came to campus to discuss her vision of feminism based on equality and the freedom of each sex to do as it chooses last week, the Sexual Assault Peer Education program protested her presence. It emailed its members stating that “an extremist anti-feminist speaker that[Read More…]

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