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Rape Culture Merits Campus Discussion

For a long time, we joined much of the Georgetown community in responding to sexual assault by doing what we thought was best: nothing. As two men, we believed we had no right to be part of a discussion about a crime that we abhorred but did not understand or[Read More…]

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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

When a freshman girl walks onto campus for the first time, she also immediately enters what is known as the “red zone,” the time period in her life when she faces the greatest risk of being sexually assaulted. For freshmen, the first six weeks on the Hilltop are consumed by[Read More…]

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A Glaring Omission in NSO

Dialogue and awareness on campus regarding sexual assault was a much-discussed topic during the Georgetown University Student Association executive campaign season, and a number of candidates proposed adding a sexual assault seminar to New Student Orientation. This is an essential initiative that should be implemented in time for this fall[Read More…]

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Advocacy Group Reclaims the Night

Advocacy Group Reclaims the Night

Walking around Georgetown’s campus, it’s difficult not to notice that there are women everywhere. With the female population topping 55 percent of the student body, it may seem like issues of women’s health and safety would be a major concern for the Georgetown community. There are countless organizations that attempt[Read More…]

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Student Sexually Assaulted in Village A

A student was sexually assaulted in Village A Friday evening, according to the Department of Public Safety. A public safety alert emailed to students at 12:15 a.m. Saturday termed the incident “forcible fondling” and reported that the victim suffered no physical harm. According to the PSA, the suspect is a[Read More…]

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Jogger Sexually Assaulted on Capital Crescent Trail

A female jogger was sexually assaulted in the Georgetown section of the Capital Crescent Trail Wednesday evening, U.S. Park Police reported. According to a press release on the U.S. Park Police website, the victim was approached from behind while running on the trail at about 9:16 p.m. The attacker put her in a[Read More…]

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BLANK: A Hidden ‘War on Women’

The last several weeks have seen the topics of human rights and women’s rights explode to the forefront of national discourse. Through clever marketing, the non-governmental organization Invisible Children was able to make the atrocities of Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda a trending topic on Twitter and Facebook. Celebrities from[Read More…]

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Student Injured in Sexual Assault

A student was injured in a sexual assault at 36th and N Streets early Sunday morning, according to the Department of Public Safety. The incident, which occurred at 2:15 a.m., was reported in a public safety alert emailed to the campus community at 3:30 Sunday afternoon. The suspect is described in[Read More…]

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No Laughing Matter

When students received an email on Oct. 17 from the Department of Public Safety about a ‘forcible fondling’ in Burleith, many were unsure whether or not to laugh; judging by the Facebook activity, nervous giggling and classroom chatter that followed, it was taken as something of a joke after all.[Read More…]

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Victims Fight for A Voice

Victims Fight for A Voice

When Mia Ramos, a survivor of sexual assault, spoke about her experience before a crowd of more than 50 students Wednesday night, the statistics on rape became more than mere numbers. Ramos was the featured speaker at “R U Ready,” an event sponsored by Take Back The Night to spur[Read More…]

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