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Uber Is Safer Than You Make It Seem

To the Editor: On Friday, The Hoya published an ill-researched, surface-level editorial (“Uber’s Risky Business,” The Hoya, A2, April 4, 2014) implying Uber is unsafe and calling for more regulation on rideshare operators. What’s missing from this piece is important information about how Uber ensures safety as well as about[Read More…]

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Uber’s Risky Business

Uber’s Risky Business

In this age of convenience, ridesharing services such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar fit seamlessly into students’ lives. With few apparent drawbacks besides cost, Uber has gone unquestioned as many Georgetown students’ transportation method of choice, especially on weekends and on evenings when public transit is unavailable and taxis are[Read More…]

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Acknowledging Rape Culture

To the Editor: The recently published piece, “The Veil,” (The Hoya, B1, Mar. 28, 2014) is extremely important. It is vital that we inject nuance into discussions involving the hijab. We need to push back against oppressive versions of “feminism” that declare that male family members control women who wear[Read More…]

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Sexual Assault Website Highlights New Policies

Through the collaboration of the Sexual Assault Working Group, Title IX administrators, the Office of the President and others, the university launched a website with information on sexual misconduct Feb. 21 after a six-month review of how Georgetown perceives and treats sexual misconduct on campus. “I think this website is[Read More…]

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A Resource for Sharing

The conversation surrounding sexual assault on campus has mainly been driven by student activists and organizations, but the university took an important step forward last Friday by launching The website provides information on how to receive immediate help in cases of sexual assault, options for reporting sexual misconduct and[Read More…]

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Giving Voice to Survivors

On Feb. 10, GUSA and university administrators introduced to the Code of Student Conduct a new alcohol amnesty policy for cases involving sexual assault, which protects students who report sexual assault from being charged with an alcohol violation. This long-awaited shift in campus policy is a commendable example of the[Read More…]

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Amnesty Proposal Approved

After extensive petitioning from the Georgetown University Student Association, the university has officially added an alcohol amnesty clause in cases of sexual assault to the Code of Student Conduct to reduce barriers to reporting sexual assault on campus. “The Disciplinary Review Committee  recently revised the Student Code of Conduct in[Read More…]

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Obama Task Force to Address Assault

President Obama formed a task force Wednesday to lead federal efforts to prevent and respond to sexual assault on college campuses — a move applauded by activists at Georgetown. The task force will be composed of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder as well as the secretaries of the Departments of[Read More…]

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Campus Considers SaVE Standards

The university will reevaluate its sexual violence policies in response to the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, which will take effect by March 7 of next year. Specifically, the Campus Sexual Violence Act provision in VAWA calls for increased transparency, education, collaboration and accountability from universities regarding sexual violence. “The[Read More…]

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Sexual Assault Ed Approved

The GUSA senate voted unanimously Sunday to require annual sexual assault peer educator training for all student government members, while also urging the university to alter its policy regarding sexual assault in the Code of Student Conduct. These bills come at the heels of months of work by the Georgetown University Student[Read More…]

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