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Movie Review: ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’

Movie Review: ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’

★★★☆☆ Anchored by the charismatic John Boyega of “Star Wars” fame, “Pacific Rim Uprising” is an enjoyable, stylish and fast-paced ride teeming with action, but ultimately fails to live up to its 2013 predecessor “Pacific Rim.” Boyega stars as the son of the fallen General Stacker Pentecost, played by Idris[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Annihilation’

★★★★★ Back in 2015, director Alex Garland made his debut with surprise hit “Ex Machina,” which blended compelling visuals with a poignant discussion of sentience, transcending the modern science fiction genre. Garland’s latest film “Annihilation,” based off Jeff VanderMeer’s 2014 eponymous novel, further expands the definition of science fiction, while[Read More…]

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‘Lathe of Heaven’ Director Talks Alternate Realities, Representation in Theater

Following the death of author Ursula Le Guin, professor Natsu Onoda Power of Georgetown’s theater and performance studies program examines the author’s 1971 novel, “The Lathe of Heaven,” which Power adapted into a play. Artfully directed and adapted, “The Lathe of Heaven” resonates with an analysis of race, gender and[Read More…]


Movie Review: ‘Life’

★★☆☆☆ Director Daniel Espinosa brings extraterrestrial life on Mars to audiences in “Life,” in which a rapidly evolving life form that could lead to mass extinction on Earth threatens a crew aboard the International Space Station. With diverse characters played by an A-list cast, including Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds,[Read More…]

A.I. Arouses Philosophical Questions

A.I. Arouses Philosophical Questions

It is not an easy feat, grappling with the philosophical issues that lie at the heart of human thought: what constitutes our sense of morality, and what makes us truly human? Screenwriter Alex Garland’s directorial debut “Ex Machina” attempts to unpack these questions and provide an answer that may not[Read More…]

Movie Review: ‘Chappie’

Movie Review: ‘Chappie’

★★☆☆☆ Director Neill Blomkamp’s latest sci-fi work, “Chappie,” explores a futuristic world patrolled by a robotic police force. Blomkamp’s creative yet realistic cinematography and original storylines in past projects within the genre — namely “Elysium” and “District 9” — made his newest film a highly anticipated one. Unfortunately, “Chappie” didn’t[Read More…]

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Mind Control: Making Science Fiction a Reality

Consumer technology has seen incredible improvement and innovation in recent decades. From room-sized computers capable of only simple tasks to a smartphone in every pocket, the true scope of technological progress can be difficult to comprehend fully. Throughout its entire history, however, technology has been characterized by a firm separation[Read More…]

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Getting Lost in the Weird World of Science Fiction

Everybody has a favorite movie and TV genre. For some, nothing gets their blood pumping like a bloody horror film. For others, a cheesy sitcom is their favorite way to waste a few hours. While I enjoy pretty much anything I watch, I will admit that I do have a[Read More…]

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An Education

I t’s Monday morning, and Zach Ashenfarb (COL ’15) is sitting in a too-small chair in a classroom at Beers Elementary School in Anacostia. Across from him sits Robert, a third grader struggling to complete a worksheet on adjectives. “He couldn’t even read the instructions, so it was very stressful,”[Read More…]

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