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2015-16 Schedule Altered

Georgetown students will enjoy an extra two days of rest during the next academic year because of a scheduling phenomenon that occurs once every seven years. The 2015 winter break will last a total of 21 days, up from the 19-day break that students received following the fall 2014 semester.[Read More…]

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Predicting Preregistration

Preregistration at any stage can be a very daunting process. Students often spend the entire preregistration period agonizing over which classes to take, which order to take them and how to formulate their schedule, followed by a period of self-doubt. Although Georgetown does a good job making preregistration less stressful[Read More…]

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IPPOLITO: New Playoff System Will Improve NCAA Scheduling

How much would I, another person or a university have to pay you to be humiliated and dragged around a football field for three hours? Be honest; everyone has a price. The Bowl Championship Series was a system that used a computer to rank college football teams. Using these rankings,[Read More…]

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Coordinate the Date

Last year, the Diplomatic Ball and Relay for Life occurred on the same night, frustrating the participants and the orchestrators of both events. What many had hoped was an anomaly is becoming an unfortunate trend, illustrating the need for more centralized communication between student groups. Again, Dip Ball has been[Read More…]

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Health Center Scheduling Reviewed

Health Center Scheduling Reviewed

Undergraduate and graduate students met with Assistant Vice President of Student Health Services James Welsh Oct. 24. to discuss enhancing the university’s current online appointment scheduling system for the Student Health Center. The student delegation comprised Georgetown University Student Association President Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13), Vice President Vail Kohnert-Yount (SFS ’13) and two representatives[Read More…]

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