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ROSNER: A Call for Social Spaces

Imagine if the Leavey Esplanade had a beer garden. Students over the age of 21 would gather outside of Uncommon Grounds for a pint while listening to live music, finally enjoying the long-awaited solution that has plagued Georgetown University students for too long — a lack of purely social space on[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Extend Mental Health Services

Despite Georgetown University’s Wednesday decision to partially subsidize the care of low-income students, the mental health care options provided to students are still frustratingly inadequate. In addition to funding short-term coverage, Georgetown must seek solutions for the long-term mental health care challenges of its students. After months of delay and[Read More…]

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The Georgetown-centered crowdfunding and advisory resource Saxafund is accepting donations for a batch of five projects.

New SaxaFund Projects Include Leavey Beergarden, Citizenship Scholarship

SaxaFund, a crowdfunding platform for Georgetown University student initiatives launched last March, announced Thursday five campaigns it is sponsoring for donations on its new website. The five projects include the Leavey Beergarden, a $3,000 concept that would turn part of the Leavey Esplanade into a social hub for drinking-age students[Read More…]

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Campus Groups Launch Fundraising Tool for Student Initiatives

Undergraduate students and both recognized and unrecognized student groups now have access to a fundraising tool for student initiatives through collaborative project Saxa Fund, announced March 3. A joint project between Students of Georgetown, Inc., the Georgetown University Alumni Student Federal Credit Union and the Georgetown University Student Association, Saxa[Read More…]

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