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Wawa To Open in Georgetown in 2018

Wawa To Open in Georgetown in 2018

To the delight of its growing client base, Wawa Inc., a chain of convenience stores and gas stations headquartered in Chester Heights, Pa., recently announced a location in Georgetown slated to open in 2018. Founded in 1964, the chain has more than 750 stores along the East Coast, with locations[Read More…]

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The new M Street location of Capriottis Sandwich Shop serves many types of sanwiches, salads and other lunch entrees, but the taste has yet to be matched by good service.

Capriotti’s Service Disappoints

★★★☆☆ $ Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop is about as Georgetown as an engineering degree or good football. In many ways, this new M Street eatery is the antithesis of the Georgetown culture that is nearly ubiquitous throughout Wisconsin Avenue and M Street. Its vacuous, shining interior is no Tombs or Wisey’s,[Read More…]

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FoBoGro offers great convenience to GW students but fails to impress with its mediocre food and slow service.

Foggy Bottom Deli Disappoints With Sandwiches and Service

★★☆☆☆ $ “Cheap and close to campus” were the two criteria for restaurants that two of my friends who attend The George Washington University gave me when I decided to meet up with them for dinner one night. I did a quick online search and found a deli with an[Read More…]

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A Sandwich Renaissance

For one-sixth of my life, I wore big metallic braces. From freshman year until long after I graduated from high school, the metal in my mouth fiercely dictated what I could eat. On Aug. 3, 2012, mere weeks before I came to Georgetown, my orthodontist pried that hideous metal out[Read More…]

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