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Graduate students who take the Rosslyn shuttle to the main campus on weekends must now choose between engaging in longer, more expensive commutes or refrain from weekend activities.

New GUTS Service Raises Graduate Student Concerns

The increase in Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle service to Dupont Circle on Saturdays has pushed graduate students commuting from Rosslyn to significantly shift their weekend plans for longer commutes or cancel them altogether. Esther Kim (GRD ’18), Georgetown University Graduate Student Government Vice President, said GradGov will present graduate students’[Read More…]

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The Changing Social Dynamics of Safeway

We won’t try to hide it: Grocery shopping is one of our favorite things to do. Maybe it’s the neatly arranged food items that appeal to our obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Maybe it’s the world of new ingredients that appeal to our sense of culinary adventure. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why,[Read More…]

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Everyday Errands

Everyday Errands

Moving somewhere new requires some adjustment, not the least of which is finding new places to replace the ones you may have taken for granted at home. Some of the things you’re used to being right at your fingertips (your post office, your dry cleaner) will have to be rediscovered[Read More…]

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Safeway to Get a Little More ‘Social’

Who would have thought that a mundane trip to Safeway could turn into a social event? In an effort to create a more welcoming atmosphere, owners of the Wisconsin Avenue Safeway are planning extensive renovations to turn the current grocery store into a “Social Safeway” shopping center almost 50 percent[Read More…]

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