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The Dubious Ethics of Self-Driving Cars

Golden rays of sunshine stream through the mountaintops, illuminating the rugged contours of the ocher-hued landscape. Past the curves of the road and peeking between trees lies a glimpse of frothy waves lapping against a pristine sandbar. Paradise, also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, spans the gorgeous coastline of[Read More…]

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A Keen Eye for Crime

This week, students, faculty and staff received an email from Georgetown University Police Department Chief of Police Jay Gruber warning the community of a recent increase in crime as noted by the Metropolitan Police Department. GUPD and MPD are currently working to proactively monitor and control this regrettable trend, but[Read More…]

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Defending Club Athletes

How many times did we hear, “Safety is our number one priority” in high school physical education classes? It may be impossible to count, but if students could glean anything from high school P.E., it’s that there’s no fun in sports when sports aren’t safe. It’s in this spirit that[Read More…]

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The winding, makeshift pathway set up during Northeast Triangle construction is poorly lit, leading to safety concerns from students.

Reiss Pathway Closure Prompts Nighttime Safety Concerns

Students have expressed concerns about poor lighting and overcrowding in the detour replacing the pathway in front of Reiss, which closed Oct. 13 due to construction of the Northeast Triangle Residence Hall. Pedestrians must use an indirect pathway west of the Reiss Science Building until the central pathway, which connects[Read More…]

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Uber Is Safer Than You Make It Seem

To the Editor: On Friday, The Hoya published an ill-researched, surface-level editorial (“Uber’s Risky Business,” The Hoya, A2, April 4, 2014) implying Uber is unsafe and calling for more regulation on rideshare operators. What’s missing from this piece is important information about how Uber ensures safety as well as about[Read More…]

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A Safe Response to Tragedy

While the United States has become familiar with terrorist threats, the bombing in Boston introduced a new dynamic to attacks on American soil. With past attacks, symbols of financial and military power were targets, but now with the attacks at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, Americans in celebration[Read More…]

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District Aims for Safer Streets

District Aims for Safer Streets

The District of Columbia Department of Transportation and the Georgetown Business Improvement District are examining different options to improve pedestrian safety in response to growing pedestrian and traffic volumes. One of the most congested intersections is M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, which, according to BID Transportation Director Jonathon Kass, is “the[Read More…]

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Man Arrested for Unlawful Entry

The Department of Public Safety arrested a man for unlawful entry after he attempted to burglarize university townhouses on the 3700 block of Prospect St. yesterday afternoon. According to DPS Chief of Police Jay Gruber, the DPS Community Action Team — a plainclothes unit focusing on crime in and around the Georgetown campus — was[Read More…]

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Public Disservice Alert

Two dark-skinned black males, average weight, average height. One has dreadlocks and was seen wearing high-top sneakers; the other was wearing a hooded jacket with yellow and blue. This is the gist of the descriptions sent to students Saturday by the Department of Public Safety. They describe two men who[Read More…]

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DPS Blotter

Friday, Sept. 6, 2012 Suspicious Person, Reiss Science Building, 1:02 p.m. The Department of Public Safety received a report of a man soliciting money from students. The man was identified, apprehended and barred from campus. Alcohol/Drug Violation, Harbin Hall, 9:23 p.m. A student was found to be in possession of[Read More…]

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