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Final Fin/App Budget Released

Final Fin/App Budget Released

The GUSA Finance and Appropriations Committee released its final budget for the 2015 fiscal year, cutting the Collegiate Readership Program and funding for GUSA while also putting Georgetown Day under the control of the Division of Student Affairs. The budget, released March 21, is projected at $998,400, in response to[Read More…]

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Several Steps Remain After Passage of SAFE Reform

All three proposals for the allocation of the $3.4 million Student Activities Fee Endowment cleared their last hurdle when they passed a referendum by the student body last week, but the implementation process for each is just beginning. Last week’s referendum was the final step in a reform of the[Read More…]

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SAFE Proposals Pass

All three proposals to allocate the $3.4 million generated by the Student Activities Fee Endowment reform were passed in a student body-wide referendum Thursday night. Voting on the three proposals opened Monday evening and closed at midnight Thursday. The Georgetown University Student Association Election Commission released the final results shortly[Read More…]

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Students to Vote on SAFE Proposals in Referendum

The¬†GUSA¬†senate voted unanimously Sunday to send a proposal on how to spend the $3.4 million Student Activities Fee Endowment to a student body-wide referendum. The proposal, which was finalized by the senate’s Finance and Appropriations Committee last week, allocates funds from to finance the Social Innovation and Public Service Fund,[Read More…]

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SAFE Endowment Committee Backs Healy Pub, Georgetown Energy Proposals

The Student Activities Fund Endowment Committee came to a general consensus Tuesday that the Healy Pub proposal should be among the primary recommendations for the $3.4 million dollar now-defunct endowment. The committee also voted that the Georgetown Energy proposal would be among the primary recommendations. Over the next few days,[Read More…]

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SAFE Pitches Continue

The GUSA Endowment Committee heard four more allocation proposals for the $3.4 million left in the Student Activities Fee Endowment on Tuesday, voting to keep talks of performing arts space renovations and a database for community service options on the table. The most popularly received presentation was the proposal to[Read More…]

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Healy Pub Proposal Brews Student, Alumni Excitement

Although the historic Healy Pub dried up over 20 years ago, talk of a revival flowed freely across campus this week. One of 23 proposed allocations submitted to the Georgetown University Student Association for the $3.4 million available in the Student Activities Fee Endowment, the bid for a social hub[Read More…]

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Unnecessary Meddling Not the Solution

Georgetown University Student Association’s Student Activities Fee and Endowment reform makes a noble attempt at resolving the funding problem facing student groups, but goes way too far. No club on campus needs its budget tripled, and GUSA has no actionable plan for how the additional funds will be spent. Contrary[Read More…]

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