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PARKER: Bring Condoms to Campus

PARKER: Bring Condoms to Campus

Access to condoms is one of the most fundamental sexual health resources on a college campus. However, Georgetown is miles behind other U.S. universities when it comes to providing this basic resource. Seeing that Georgetown students cannot even buy their own condoms on campus, let alone receive any university-provided condoms,[Read More…]

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Hookup Culture Criticized

Dr. Donna Freitas (COL ’94) spoke about the current hookup culture and how it shapes the national conversation about sexual assaults on college campuses in an event titled “Blurred Lines: Sexual Assault and the Hookup Culture” Tuesday in White Gravenor Hall. The event was co-sponsored by Love Saxa, the Office[Read More…]

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A Service for Safe Sex

Last month, H*yas for Choice introduced a complementary condom delivery service, modeled after Boston College Students for Sexual Health. Using a Google form, the Georgetown system allows students to request condoms for a party or event up to 48 hours in advance. H*yas for Choice, which introduced its delivery service with little[Read More…]

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