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Fluke Eschews Congress for State Senate

After “seriously considering” running for Rep. Henry Waxman’s (D-Calif.) seat in Congress, women’s rights advocate and Georgetown alumna Sandra Fluke (LAW ‘12) announced that she would instead run for state Sen. Ted Lieu’s (D-Torrance) seat in the state legislature. Also a Georgetown alumnus, Lieu (LAW ’94) will vacate his seat in the state Senate[Read More…]

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Fluke Considers Run for Congress

Georgetown’s most famous advocate for reproductive rights might soon seek a larger national stage. After longtime Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) announced his retirement Thursday, Sandra Fluke (LAW ’12) told Southern California radio station 89.3 KPCC that she is considering running for his seat in Congress. Best known for her work supporting reproductive rights and[Read More…]

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Law Student Stars in Birth Control Saga

Law Student Stars in Birth Control Saga

This semester, the university found its stance on contraception thrust into the national spotlight after conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh went after one of Georgetown’s own. Third-year law student Sandra Fluke (LAW ’12) became embroiled in a political controversy after Limbaugh called her a “slut” and “prostitute” on his nationally syndicated[Read More…]

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Addressing the Real Issue

With all the anger, partisanship and misrepresentation that has sprung from the national debate on contraception coverage, students and alumni should be proud that University President John J.DeGioia added a voice of reason to the polarized din. DeGioia’s email to the campus community, which he sent just before spring break, put him[Read More…]

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A Dialogue Drowned by Demogoguery

When President Obama announced his mandate requiring religiously affiliated institutions to cover contraception, I was admittedly disappointed. I felt that he should have made a good-faith effort to create compromise on the issue, and I was happy to see that he finally did. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done.[Read More…]

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Calling Rush Limbaugh’s Bluff

By now we are all familiar with the story of Rush Limbaugh and his comments about Sandra Fluke that sparked a national controversy. Like many women, I was outraged by his words and struggled to understand why someone would think it was acceptable to say such things — especially on[Read More…]

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