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EAGAN: Embracing the Interfaith Imperative

EAGAN: Embracing the Interfaith Imperative

College applications were stressful enough. Then came the agonizing wait for those sealed official envelopes — still, that wasn’t the end of the anxiety. Roommates. Navigating the Campus Housing Roommate Matching System proved to be a worrisome puzzle all its own. But in a whirlwind of faceless conversations, an auspicious[Read More…]

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Health Education Services sexual assault specialist Jennifer Wiggins and CAPS sexual trauma specialist Erica Shirley addressed misconceptions of intimate-partner violence at a roundtable discussion in the Intercultural Center on Thursday.

Specialists Dispel Misconceptions on Partner Violence

  Sexual trauma specialist at Georgetown’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services Erica Shirley and sexual assault specialist at Health Education Services Jennifer Wiggins dispelled myths about intimate-partner violence during a roundtable discussion co-hosted by the Georgetown University Minority Association of Pre-Health Students in the Intercultural Center on Thursday. The conversation covered[Read More…]

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"22 Jump Street" gave a perfect example of how no one knows exactly what to expect when they start living together in college.

Navigating the Delights and Difficulties of a Roommate

Having a roommate is a lot like living with a sibling. You see them at their worst, and they see the same of you. Just as interfamilial relationships can differ immensely, so can roommate relations. Not much can prepare incoming freshmen for what it will be like to live five[Read More…]

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