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Twists, Turns Abound in Horrifying Scandal

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last week and a half, you have been inundated with the news from Happy Valley about the decade-long cover up of Jerry Sandusky’s grotesque alleged crimes. I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you are already aware of the basics. So I’ll[Read More…]

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BCS System Rife With Corruption

The Bowl Championship Series has a long history of sparking some of the most vicious arguments between college football fans during bowl season. It relies on a bizarre methodology that combines data from the AP Poll, the Coaches’ Poll and a computer algorithm to select the top two teams in[Read More…]

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Abuse of Oversigning Loophole Hurting “Scholarship” Players

Coaches at universities with large football programs have bent the rules for years. They are required to win at all costs in order to keep their high-paying jobs. Instead of being viewed as mentors and father figures, as they once were, they are now businessmen running multimillion-dollar enterprises. The amateur[Read More…]

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Cinderella Story Gets Free Pass

When Boise State became an FBS (formerly Division I-A) team in 1996, they yearned to be one of the big boys of college football. The school had success in its past, even winning a Junior College National Championship in 1958 and an FCS National Championship in 1980, but was willing[Read More…]

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