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SCHENDEN: Life as Pilgrimage

SCHENDEN: Life as Pilgrimage

Last weekend, the Catholic Ministry hosted our Loyola retreat for first-year students at the Calcagnini Contemplative Center, Georgetown’s retreat center in Bluemont, Va. The Loyola program serves as the first in a four-year series of retreats — Loyola, Montserrat, Manresa and La Storta — named for key moments in the[Read More…]

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Reclaim Your Nature

November can be a daunting month. Largely free of exams and punctuated by a sorely-needed Thanksgiving break, the month seems relaxing and refreshing. But as seasoned Hoyas know, the halcyon weeks whiz by, Thanksgiving dinner wraps up and students are packed on Lau 3 reviewing slides for that dreaded “Econometrics”[Read More…]

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Escape Georgetown

As I made my way to the front gates on a brisk Friday afternoon, duffel bag in one hand and pillow in the other, my mind buzzed with all of the homework I had for the weekend. Economics problem sets were piling up, I had a French exam to study[Read More…]

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LGBTQ Center Holds Retreat

LGBTQ Center Holds Retreat

The LGBTQ Resource Center held its inaugural retreat for 23 students at the Calcagnini Contemplative Center in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains over President’s Day Weekend. Due to high interest in the retreat, the center increased the number of participants from the original cutoff number of 18. “As the community has[Read More…]

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Retreat Center Set To Open Next Fall

Retreat Center Set To Open Next Fall

Construction on the new Calcagnini Contemplative Center is on schedule, with an estimated completion date set for fall 2013, according to Vice President for Mission and Ministry Fr. Kevin O’Brien, S.J. The 55-acre center will house all campus ministry retreats for Georgetown students, faculty and alumni and is located in the Blue Ridge[Read More…]

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New Students Find ESCAPE

Amid the bustle of college life, the ESCAPE First-Year Experience has given students the opportunity to leave campus, take a break and reflect on their experiences. Run by the Office of Campus Ministry, the retreat was created to uphold the Jesuit ideals of spirituality and reflection. The Class of 1990[Read More…]

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