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Pilot Study Addresses Past Research Wrongs

National Center for Cultural Competence Director Tawara Goode conducted a pilot study earlier this year exploring the impact of “Truth and Reconciliation” community forums on overcoming barriers to racial and ethnic participation in the health care system. The study also noted ways to restore trust in the research community after[Read More…]

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A Profitable Solution To Sweatshop Labor

For decades, the worldwide apparel industry has been dominated by a world of oppressive factories and management taking advantage of their employees. In an effort to keep factory costs low and company profits high, sweatshop laborers work long hours for mere pocket change, receive little (if any) benefits and spend[Read More…]

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Strength in Research After Newtown Tragedy

Much has been written about Newtown, Conn. It can be tempting to try and forget, but a year and a half later, there are chapters to this story that are still in the process of being written and that should be told. One of these chapters is coming to a[Read More…]

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Undergrad Symposium Highlights Varied Research

The second annual Georgetown University Undergraduate Research Symposium, which will feature a range of undergraduate research projects across all disciplines and stress the varied nature of research, will be held Friday and Saturday April 4 and 5 in Healy Hall, Riggs Library, Copley Formal and the Intercultural Center. The GUURS[Read More…]

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USAID Grants $19.8M to Reproductive Health Institute

The United States Agency for International Development recently awarded Georgetown’s Institute for Reproductive Health $19.8 million for a five-year research project. The project, Fertility Awareness for Community Transportation, aims to spread awareness in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia about reproductive health and family planning methods. According to a university press[Read More…]

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A Hilltop Rich in Undergrad Research

A Hilltop Rich in Undergrad Research

I was extremely pleased to see The Hoya’s editorial (“Uniting Research Resources,” A2, Sept. 17, 2013) because it demonstrates the intellectual vitality and motivation in our undergraduates. As a faculty member at Georgetown for the last 22 years, I have often bemoaned the lack of a unified research resource for undergraduates,[Read More…]

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Uniting Research Resources

Students curious about the scholarly work their professors do outside the classroom might be irked to find that getting these answers requires a bit of research on students’ end, too. Georgetown takes pride in its classification as an institution of Very High Research Activity by the Carnegie Foundation for the[Read More…]

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State-of-the-Art Teaching

While college professors of certain disciplines have inhabited both laboratories and classrooms for ages, there is a common concern that professors’ focus on one of these areas deprives them of time for and attention to the other. That concern suggests that teaching assistants will deliver lectures while research professors pursue[Read More…]

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Obama Budget Would Impact Aid, Research

President Obama’s budget proposal, if approved by Congress, would have a mixed impact both on Georgetown’s research centers and students who benefit from federal loan programs. Georgetown University Associate Vice President for Federal Relations Scott Fleming (SFS ’72) said he mostly supported the proposal, which was released April 10. “For the[Read More…]

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Study Evaluates Student Depression

Depression may not be widely acknowledge at Georgetown, but it is widely felt, according to a presentation given Friday by Tyler White (COL ’14) on the results of his semester-long research project studying depression in college students. White said the number of Georgetown students suffering from the disorder is on[Read More…]

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