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SFS, Mind Your Roots

The School of Foreign Service is building a reputation that fails to uphold its name. A Cawley Career Center poll revealed that only 11 percent of the School of Foreign Service’s Class of 2014 entered careers in nonprofit or service, while 6 percent accepted positions in government. This is an[Read More…]

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The Housing Injustice of 2017

The Housing Injustice of 2017

On those colorful Georgetown University brochures and pamphlets that started coming in the mail my junior year of high school, I remember seeing fun phrases like, “Join us on the Hilltop!” or “Hoya Saxa!” Do you know what fun phrase I didn’t see? “We’re locking you on campus for three[Read More…]

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Free Us From MonopoLeo’s

“Ugh. Leo’s again.” What to eat, what to eat? Questionable chicken? Flavorless desserts? Scrambled egg-like liquid for the 90th morning in a row? We’ve all been there. We’ve all complained. We’ve all gone out to eat just to avoid the bland pasta. The fact of the matter is, having a[Read More…]

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Reason in Residence

The 2010 Campus Plan agreement has been a frustration for the Hilltop since it was reached in 2012. The university’s agreement to house 385 more students on campus by fall 2015 and 90 percent of students on campus by 2020 has certainly caused its fair share of problems for administrators[Read More…]

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Three-Year Housing Rule Considered

Three-Year Housing Rule Considered

A six-semester on-campus housing requirement for all undergraduates is currently under consideration, with the university set to announce a decision by the end of the month. The policy change would require all juniors to live on campus. Currently, only sophomores and freshmen are required to live on campus, while juniors[Read More…]

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HEALY: Community Service a Worthwhile Requirement

As the oldest and perhaps best-known Catholic and Jesuit university in the country, Georgetown has a unique opportunity to represent the tenets of that heritage. One of the founding ideals of that Jesuit tradition is that one must use one’s talents not simply to enrich oneself, but to enrich the[Read More…]

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English Requirement Reassessed

The humanities and writing general education requirement could see changes next year if a proposal aimed at strengthening the role of writing in the curriculum is approved this December. Professors from the General Education Committee have developed a preliminary proposal recommending the introduction of a first-year writing seminar capped at[Read More…]

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