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LANDRE: Represent Disability in Media

LANDRE: Represent Disability in Media

Strolling down Wisconsin Avenue, I barely notice the young family passing me  — that is, until their daughter abruptly stops and points at me. “Mommy, what’s wrong with her?” she asks, staring with a mixture of horror and fascination. She was, of course, referring to the fact that I’m a[Read More…]

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MARYLAND SENATE DEMOCRATS/FACEBOOK | The Maryland General Assembly is set to consider a bill urging Congress to support Washington, D.C. statehood.

Maryland to Consider Supporting DC Statehood

A Maryland House of Representatives Joint Resolution urging Congress to grant Washington, D.C. official statehood is under consideration for the Maryland General Assembly, contributing to both regional and national pushes for D.C. to become the 51st state. The bill was first heard Feb. 25 but did not receive enough votes[Read More…]

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Diversity in Media

Diversity in Media

IGLESIAS-AYALA: Pioneering Minority Representation

IGLESIAS-AYALA: Pioneering Minority Representation

The Spanish translation of this article can be found below. La traducción al español de este artículo se puede encontrar a continuación. First-generation women of color are faced with pursuing and upholding representation in systems that are not made for us. Though Georgetown has taught me how to achieve representation[Read More…]

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O’HARA: Diversify Artwork Acquisition Practices

O’HARA: Diversify Artwork Acquisition Practices

In 1985, a group of female artists gathered in New York in an almost superhero manner for the sole purpose of fighting sexism and racism in the art world. That spring, the Museum of Modern Art hosted an exhibition displaying international paintings and sculptures; of the 165 artists featured in[Read More…]

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Juan Martinez (SFS '20) Georgetown University Student Association's first LatinX president criticized GUSA for its historical lack of diversity and promised to create initiatives to increase representation of minorities in GUSA.

First Latinx GUSA President Martinez Seeks More Diversity

Juan Martinez (SFS ’20) became the first Latinx and undocumented president of the Georgetown University Student Association on Sept. 16 after former President Sahil Nair (SFS ’19) resigned on Sept. 11. Martinez, the former transition chair of the Senate, became president per GUSA bylaws, due to vacancies in the positions[Read More…]

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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Defies Hollywood Stereotypes

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Defies Hollywood Stereotypes

★★★★★ At a time when Hollywood has started to realize that diversity sells, “Crazy Rich Asians” brings glitz and glamour to the rom-com genre and makes history in the process. Dynamic performances by Constance Wu and Henry Golding and nuanced characters who defy tropes make the story compelling, while the[Read More…]

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Women in Comedy Stand Up and Stand Out

Jim Gaffigan (MSB ’88), Mike Birbiglia (COL ’00), Nick Kroll (COL ’01) and John Mulaney (COL ’04) — all names that could sell out comedy clubs across the country. At one point, they called the Hilltop their home. And, incidentally, all of them are men. The overwhelming maleness of Georgetown’s[Read More…]

VIEWPOINT: Ensuring an Inclusive Senate

This year, the Georgetown University Student Association did not begin its outreach efforts to encourage women, people of color and other underrepresented groups on campus to get involved in student leadership positions until after the September deadline to run for the GUSA senate. Consequently, this year’s senate is predominated by[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: GUSA Senate Reform Will Bolster Representation

After December’s unsuccessful referendum to replace the Georgetown University Student Association senate with a new assembly, some may balk at another vote aimed at GUSA senate reform. But the initiative up for election April 25 to 27 represents welcome — and necessary — change to a system struggling to better[Read More…]

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