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VIEWPOINT: Celebrating Anne Marie Becraft

Today, Georgetown dedicated Anne Marie Becraft Hall in recognition of a trailblazing free black woman who devoted her life to the education of African-Americans during the 19th century. The building was originally named McSherry Hall after former Georgetown President Fr. William McSherry, S.J., who helped organize the sale of 272[Read More…]

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Remember the 272

Georgetown students woke up to a front-page article in Sunday‚Äôs New York Times delving into the history behind the 1838 Georgetown sale of 272 slaves. In many ways, the article was a necessary jolt for the school, as the efforts of the Working Group on Slavery, Memory and Reconciliation and[Read More…]

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Megan Schmidt

Bringing Our Attention Back to 9/11

For students and faculty members alike, every day of September seems to get harder as school gains momentum and the first real assignments are doled out. But for me, no day is harder than Sept. 11. Having grown up in southwestern Connecticut, I knew many of those loved and lost[Read More…]

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Hilltop Holds Peace Conference

As the community prepares to remember the violence of the Sept.11th terrorist attacks, students and faculty will close discussions in a conference designed to highlight recent successes and challenges in conflict resolution. “Students in part will get this lesson: Peace is not something that comes easily. It is something that[Read More…]

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Remembering Unsung Heroes

Everybody needs a hero. We need someone who inspires and brings the very best out of us. Unfortunately, our generation continues to misunderstand the concept of heroism. We seem to equate media exposure with heroism or importance. A hero is not a meat-wearing pop star, a Hollywood actor or even[Read More…]

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