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Olivia Simon

DIRECTOR’S CUT: Cooper Captivates With Raw Emotion in ‘A Star Is Born’

I’ve never been great with trends, so I was a little late to the craze surrounding “A Star Is Born.” While waiting meant that I got to take in Bradley Cooper’s (COL ’97) directorial debut outside the bulk of all the madness, the film had a massive reputation to live[Read More…]

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Meeting Professors In Their Natural Habitat

This fall, I started playing weekly tennis games with one of my professors. I had taken a course with him in the spring, we had become friendly and both enjoyed tennis, though we both found discovering people to play with difficult. Nothing about this felt odd until I started telling[Read More…]

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The People Behind the Screen

The People Behind the Screen

When you think about how many people in your life you’ve spent more time talking to over the internet or on your phone rather than interacting with face to face, it gets a little scary. A lot of us take for granted how easy it is to keep in touch[Read More…]

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Obama Inaction Threatens Friendship with Japan

Futenma poses a major challenge to President Obama’s administration, but has gotten fairly little exposure in the U.S. press. Although it is a word that is likely unfamiliar to most Americans stateside, the Japan Times mentions it continually. Futenma is a U.S. Marine Corps Air Station in Okinawa. Due to[Read More…]

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