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NATALIE ISÉ/THE HOYA Georgetown University plans to switch to live registration because of incompatibility with the old preregistration software.

Live Registration Set to Launch for Fall 2019

Live course registration, in which students choose classes in real time without delay from the university registrar, is set to replace the current preregistration system beginning in April for fall 2019 course selection. The change addresses software incompatibilities and shifts away from the costly software customization used to run preregistration[Read More…]

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Registration Referendum

This year’s Georgetown University Student Association executive presidential and vice presidential election, to be held Feb. 18, will also include a referendum on changes to the course registration system, as the university considers switching from a preregistration to a live registration model. Students should make their voices heard by voting[Read More…]

CANLAS: Adopt the Hashtag Education?

CANLAS: Adopt the Hashtag Education?

I recently had a conversation with an advisee about a project called SkillTag. SkillTag was the winner of last year’s Hackathon, a brainstorming event sponsored by the Provost’s Office. Hackathon invited students to think up ideas for defining the skills that undergraduates obtain from a Georgetown education, and SkillTag involves[Read More…]

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Registrar Cuts Almost 20 Courses

The university registrar removed almost 20 courses that failed to meet an eight-student enrollment minimum prior to the add-drop period, in accordance with recent policy from the Office of the College Dean. According to University Registrar John Q. Pierce, the courses were cut because of low enrollment. Jeff Connor-Linton, the[Read More…]

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Beyond 101: Quirky Classes Enliven Fall Course Offerings

For those who find their weekdays weighed down by economics textbooks and bland lectures in the ICC basement, Georgetown’s fall course catalog includes more than a few classes that will spice up any schedule. A NEW VIEW OF HISTORY Multiple history offerings this term approach old material in novel ways.[Read More…]

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Food Studies Cluster Approved

Georgetown’s foodies will no longer have to head off campus to get their culinary fix. The university plans to address students’ gastronomic interests through an initiative for a food studies cluster passed Friday to be implemented next semester. The grouping, which is being spearheaded by associate professor of French and Francophone studies[Read More…]

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Students Scramble After Course Cuts

Forty courses were cancelled since pre-registration in April and the close of the add/drop period, affecting about 400 students’ fall schedules according to the university registrar. Modified faculty plans or undersubscribed sections of certain courses forced faculty and administrators to eliminate some classes, according to University Registrar John Pierce. The number of courses cancelled, forming[Read More…]

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Editorial: Stressful Add/Drop Process Can Be Remedied

Editorial: Stressful Add/Drop Process Can Be Remedied

The add/drop period manages to combine the uncertainty of a lottery with the frenzy of a survival-of-the-fittest competition. After departing for the holidays with a bulky pre-registration course load, many unfortunate students arrive back to campus to find themselves enrolled in as few as two courses. These students are often[Read More…]

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Student Input at Core of Gen. Ed. Talks

Twice a year, Georgetown students register for classes, among them a host of general education requirements. But a select group of students and faculty are working behind the scenes to change these mandated classes.   The last 25 years have seen various attempts to change the core curricula of Georgetown’s[Read More…]

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A Right to Know

Navigating the murky waters of pre-registration has become clearer with the advent of MyAccess. The system still falls short, however, during the period between pre-registration and the start of the semester. yAccess takes into account the fact that subject matter is not the only factor students consider when choosing a[Read More…]

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