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EDITORIAL: Respect Students, Adhere to Finals Policy

Study days are meant to be an undisturbed time for students to prepare for finals. However, some Georgetown University professors disrupt this time by violating the university’s finals policy. Under the Office of the University Registrar’s current policy, the university designates two to three days after the conclusion of classes[Read More…]

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2015-16 Schedule Altered

Georgetown students will enjoy an extra two days of rest during the next academic year because of a scheduling phenomenon that occurs once every seven years. The 2015 winter break will last a total of 21 days, up from the 19-day break that students received following the fall 2014 semester.[Read More…]

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Registrar Cuts Almost 20 Courses

The university registrar removed almost 20 courses that failed to meet an eight-student enrollment minimum prior to the add-drop period, in accordance with recent policy from the Office of the College Dean. According to University Registrar John Q. Pierce, the courses were cut because of low enrollment. Jeff Connor-Linton, the[Read More…]

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Identifying Progress

Through the developing discussion of trans issues at Georgetown, the university has reached a considerable benchmark in its history, with transgender students more welcomed on campus and issues that concern them gaining wider attention. More progress, however, can still be made, especially in the area of simple administrative policy. Foremost[Read More…]

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Course Evals Go Online Only

Two years after the online course evaluation system was first introduced in spring 2010, the University Registrar has completely eliminated paper evaluations this semester in addition to  posting evaluation results alongside course descriptions on MyAccess. According to Manager of Faculty Evaluations Caitlin Harding, the online evaluation system was an optional choice[Read More…]

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HEALY: Unlocking Doors to Scarce Campus Space

HEALY: Unlocking Doors to Scarce Campus Space

The Georgetown community features a wide variety of clubs and student organizations, which range from the Georgetown University Grilling Society to the International Relations Club. All of these organizations need space to meet and organize on campus, and this can put a squeeze on the already limited amount of space[Read More…]

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Beyond 101: Quirky Classes Enliven Fall Course Offerings

For those who find their weekdays weighed down by economics textbooks and bland lectures in the ICC basement, Georgetown’s fall course catalog includes more than a few classes that will spice up any schedule. A NEW VIEW OF HISTORY Multiple history offerings this term approach old material in novel ways.[Read More…]

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Registrar’s Office to Make Course Evaluations More Accessible

The University Office of the Registrar will revamp the format of course and professor evaluation results to make data more accessible to students. In collaboration with the Georgetown University Student Association and the Inter-School Academic Council, the administration is investigating transitioning the way feedback is made available in an electronic[Read More…]

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Registrar Adds to the Hilltop

Registrar Adds to the Hilltop

University Registrar John Q. Pierce could very easily be indentified with the spirit of Georgetown. Not only are his wife and three sons all Hoyas, but he has been on the Hilltop since his undergraduate years and graduate studies, and then stuck around in the Registrar’s Office. A man of[Read More…]

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Baby Steps for MyAccess

Despite the distractions of refreshingly warm weather and looming finals, pre-registration is on the top of most students’ to-do lists. Anyone who has begun exploring next semester’s course catalog will have noticed that MyAccess is to start providing textbook information for many courses. The addition is a simple one that[Read More…]

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