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More than 75 students protested the Ferguson decision in Red Square.

Over 75 Students Protest Ferguson Decision in Walk Out

More than 75 members of the Georgetown community participated in a walk out staged by the Georgetown University Black Leadership Forum to protest the St. Louis County grand jury’s decision on the Michael Brown shooting on Monday afternoon in Red Square. On Nov. 24, the grand jury decided that Ferguson,[Read More…]

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University Clarifies Free Speech Policy

In an effort to expand free speech rights on campus, Georgetown administrators revised the university speech and expression policy Thursday. The revised policy was backed by former GUSA president Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) and devised in coordination with the University’s Speech and Expression Committee. Administrators sent a survey earlier this[Read More…]

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The Final Word: 2013-2014

In an eventful year for campus life, students made sure their voices were not lost in the university’s decision-making process. From Georgetown’s changing course of action on navigating the 2010 Campus Plan agreement to its responses to sexual assault and nontraditional gender identities on campus, students reacted dynamically and with[Read More…]

Two ASB trips collaborated on an ad-hoc border wall to raise awareness of immigration issues Friday in Red Square.

ASB Wall Breaks Borders

The Alternative Spring Break border awareness program aimed to generate discussion on immigration issues after two ASB groups returned from the 1,951-mile Mexican border over spring break by constructing an ad hoc border fence in Red Square 28. The wood and plastic fence, manned by ASB members, was built[Read More…]

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‘Utraque Unum’ Mistranslated

In recent years, Red Square has become the focal point of student free speech. From this month’s XL Dissent protests against the Keystone pipeline to the constant presence of unrecognized student groups like H*yas for Choice, individuals have come to Red Square to demonstrate their support for clear and open[Read More…]

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Race for Red Square Ends in 11 Minutes

As snow blanketed Georgetown on Wednesday night, candidates for the 2014 Georgetown University Student Association executive election and their respective staffs waited in Red Square for the clock to strike 12, signaling the official beginning of the campaign season. While around 30 candidates, campaign staffers and onlookers were present in[Read More…]

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[This Space for Rent]

[This Space for Rent]

Lively tabling is a trademark of Red Square, and bright fliers fight for space on campus buildings. One marketing technique that is relatively new to Georgetown resurfaced early this week on the grassy intersection between Regents Hall, the Intercultural Center and Harbin Hall. The large stand occupying this location promotes[Read More…]

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Time to Make the Hilltop Go Green

This Friday, Red Square will go green. In conjunction with other Georgetown environmental groups, the Georgetown University Center for the Environment will host the Green Square Fair, an event aimed at highlighting the impact of students, faculty, administrators and local businesses who work together to make our campus and community[Read More…]

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Red Square a Stage for Contraception Debate

As the national debate on policies governing insurance coverage of contraceptives continues, H*yas for Choice took to Red Square Monday to express support for more accessible birth control. H*yas for Choice and Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington piled $600 worth of ramen noodles in the square to represent the amount[Read More…]

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DPS Blotter

Thursday May 5, 2011 Drug Violation, Harbin Hall, 12:37 a.m. While conducting a check of the area, DPS noticed a smell similar to marijuana coming from a room. The room was occupied by two males who were later identified as GU students. The students admitted to having marijuana earlier. A[Read More…]

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