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A Taste of France

While studying abroad in France, I unsurprisingly spent a lot of time thinking about food. Sometimes I was trying to figure out ways I’d be able to bring some of my new French favorites home with me, and at other times I was trying to adapt my American favorites to[Read More…]

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Humble As Chocolate Pie

Pie: I love it. I really do. Nothing makes me as happy as a freshly baked apple crumble pie coming hot out of the oven. The aroma of the apples combined with the sweet smell of the crust just gets me every time. Fruit pies, like apple, peach or blueberry,[Read More…]

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Scouting Out Dessert

It is officially spring. Now we can wear flip-flops and pastels and sip iced coffee as we procrastinate on Healy Lawn. With the arrival of the season also comes the arrival of an array of fresh produce and ingredients. Yet even with the farmers’ markets teeming with new products, there[Read More…]

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Preparing Perfect Pizza

With midterms fast approaching and interview season in full swing, food tends become less of a priority for us students. In an effort to remedy our lack of kitchen time during high-stress time periods, we often turn to frozen meals, boxes of Easy Mac, or chocolate-covered pretzels, which while delicious,[Read More…]

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Not Always Easy as Pie

Any day my dad makes pie at home is a day to celebrate — not because there is something going on, but simply because my dad is channeling his inner housewife and baking a dessert worth skipping dinner to enjoy. Whenever he does bake, my dad tends to lean toward[Read More…]

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Scooping Up the Seeds of a Fall Tradition

For as long as I can remember, my local church has hosted pumpkin sales to raise funds for the parish community. The pumpkins sold were always decorated with bold eyes, red mouths and wide smiles. Though I always encouraged my mom to buy at least one of the happy pumpkins,[Read More…]

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Heating Up a Cloudy Day

As per usual, the D.C. weather gods have given us two days of blissful summery ’70s last week only to plunge us back into the literal depths of rain-soaked sidewalks. Gross. I guess I should be used to the District’s weird weather variations after having survived Snowmaggedon and summer 2010,[Read More…]

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