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Recent and Upcoming Music Releases

Recent Releases ‘Lemonade’ — Beyonce This surprise release took the music world by storm with hints at Jay-Z’s infidelity and an outstanding vocal performance by Queen B. Released alongside an hour-long short film, “Lemonade” serves as a soundtrack of pain, regret, confusion and, most of all, triumph. Venturing from soul to[Read More…]

Collaborative Masterpiece Boasts Positive Energy

Collaborative Masterpiece Boasts Positive Energy

Music doesn’t usually floor me the first time I listen to it; I might like some aspects of it, but it can take a while for an album to fully set in and wow me. Of course there’s the rare exception, but they’re few and far between — Radiohead’s Amnesiac,[Read More…]

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A Beginner’s Guide to the World of Radiohead

Attending Bonnaroo this past summer was one of the most influential experiences I’ve ever had. Going into the whole thing, I was only truly familiar with a few of the bands set to perform. The friends with me didn’t really know much either, so I decided to make a serious attempt to[Read More…]

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