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TESTING TRUISMS: The Best 4 Years of Your Life

TESTING TRUISMS: The Best 4 Years of Your Life

The worst moment at family reunions comes when well-meaning relatives — likely with several drinks under their belts — find you and announce that college is supposed to be the best four years of your life. Nostalgic alumni, high school teachers and overbearing relatives are eager to tell you that[Read More…]

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A Voyage Through JFK’s Legacy

The Smithsonian American Art Museum recently unveiled its newest exhibit, “American Visionary: John F. Kennedy’s Life and Times,” a fascinating photo gallery that explores and celebrates the life and legacy of the 35th president. Visitors might ask, what exactly is it that makes Kennedy an “American visionary,” and an international[Read More…]

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Heard on the Hilltop

“Well, it seems like Enushe and Chris are a lot like Hillary Clinton — they’re probably the best for the job, but no one really feels very inspired by them. They seem to have every single issue as a ‘focus,’ while not actually providing much in the way of creative[Read More…]

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