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DULIK: Romney Takes the Rocky Road

Mitt Romney’s primary wins in Arizona and Michigan Tuesday were hardly a surprise. In Arizona, his Mormon and Western roots gave him a leg up. In Michigan, the facts that he was born and raised in the state and that he is the son of a former governor were a[Read More…]

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DULIK: Romney Resuscitates Campaign

Florida is home to an almost magical political vibe. Whether handing George W. Bush the White House after an agonizing recount in 2000 or sealing the deal for John McCain’s presidential nomination in 2008, the Sunshine State, often to the befuddlement of the rest of the country, is the engine[Read More…]

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DULIK: Romney: The Right Candidate

Journalists and pundits covering the Republican presidential primaries have recently been stuck on the question of whether Mitt Romney will secure the nomination, and how he will do so. Unfortunately, the question of whether Romney should be the GOP’s presidential candidate has been largely ignored. I believe that the Republican Party[Read More…]

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A Triumph Over Terror and Party Politics

I will never forget last night. The news crackled across Facebook and Twitter like lightning, as an exponentially larger web of people pulsed with the rumor that Osama bin Laden, the face of evil in our country, had been killed. As news outlets began to confirm reports, I broke loose:[Read More…]

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Dulik: A Gold Mine of Political Action

They say Nevada is the “Silver State,” but for political junkies this week it’s been golden. A tumultuous chain reaction of political events has just rocked the state, creating serious implications for 2012’s critical elections in which Nevada might be the country’s top swing state. Republican rising stars didn’t get[Read More…]

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Dulik: The Promise of Tim Pawlenty, Introducing the GOP’s Best Bet

On Monday, the 2012 presidential election got underway when the first top-tier Republican presidential contender announced that he was forming an exploratory committee. Let’s be clear, though: Regardless of what Tim Pawlenty, former two-term Republican governor of Minnesota, may say, he isn’t exploring anything. Pawlenty is, and has been for[Read More…]

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Dulik: Senators’ Departures Usher in 2012 Campaign Season

Having barely caught its breath after 2010’s watershed midterm elections, the American public already finds itself in the thick of the 2012 campaign season. While the re-election of President Obama will dominate headlines in next year’s political cycle, one of the most fascinating battles will actually be for control of[Read More…]

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Dulik: Reagan Was a President to Remember

Last Sunday, America celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of President Ronald Reagan. From General Electric commercials excitedly gushing about their original spokesman, to Sarah Palin tweeting up a storm, to Super Bowl tributes, to the “Ronald Reagan Honeymoon Package” ($1200 to spend a night in Ronald and Nancy[Read More…]

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Dulik: A State of the Union Appraisal

First thought after Tuesday’s State of the Union address: Boy, can the president deliver a speech. If anyone needs a reminder that our commander in chief won his job on the basis of his superb communication skills, this speech was just that. He, or more appropriately his speechwriters, crafted an[Read More…]

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Lines Drawn by Williams Firing

For 40 years, National Public Radio has been a national treasure. In an age in which the airwaves are inundated with bombast and spin by two-bit shock jocks, our national publicly funded radio station has blossomed with its distinctive, probing, even-keeled and intellectually rigorous content. NPR brings us “This American[Read More…]

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