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IPPOLITO: FIFA Must Reconsider Russia, Qatar Decision

It is fair to say that American sports fans are used to scandals and, at times, incompetency within the major sports leagues. From baseball’s handling of the steroid narrative to football’s objectively poor handling of labor, concussion and domestic violence issues, we have become accustomed to and nearly desensitized by[Read More…]

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MICHEL: For the Only Jesuit in Qatar, Uplifting Unity

MICHEL: For the Only Jesuit in Qatar, Uplifting Unity

At the moment, I am the only member of the Georgetown Jesuit community serving full time at the Qatar campus of the School of Foreign Service. I am the only Jesuit here in Qatar, but not the first. Years ago, when SFS-Q was just getting started, Fr. Ryan Maher, S.J.,[Read More…]

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Michelle Xu

In Qatar, SFS Subject to Brutal Regime

Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service operates a satellite campus in an oppressive Middle Eastern dictatorship. Funded by oil money and corrupt sheikhs, Georgetown University effectively condones and promotes the human rights abuses of our host country. Why does no one talk about this? Georgetown is not alone; we’re one[Read More…]

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Government professor Clyde Wilcox has transferred to the School of Foreign Service campus in Qatar for the next two years.

After 27 Years in DC, Wilcox Shifts to SFS-Qatar

Government professor Clyde Wilcox, who has taught at Georgetown’s main campus since 1987, transitioned this year to the School of Foreign Service in Qatar, where he will remain for two years. Wilcox reflected on his experience living in a foreign country for the first time and teaching American politics to[Read More…]

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SANTAMARIA: USA Is Ready to Host Another World Cup

Amid controversy regarding corruption in the voting process and inhumane treatment of migrant workers, Qatar was awarded the 2022 FIFA World Cup bid. However, high-ranking FIFA committee member Theo Zwanziger told German publication Sports Bild on Monday: “I personally think that in the end the 2022 World Cup will not[Read More…]

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Qatar Preparations Flout Human Rights

We wish we could write about this year’s unprecedented Final Four lineup, compare the contracts of Max Scherzer and Miguel Cabrera, analyze the sudden dominance of the Boston Bruins or comment on the unionization of Northwestern’s football team. In fact, we wish we could write about any of this week’s[Read More…]

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LAKHANPAL: Mid East Free Speech Still Only a Whisper

Since I started writing for The Hoya, I’ve experienced a good deal of constructive criticism from my readers. Some of the things I write are not exactly favorable to the opinions of my friends in Qatar or in the United States. At the same time, there are people who are[Read More…]

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A Long Way from Home: Medieval Historian Makes Return to Georgetown

A Long Way from Home: Medieval Historian Makes Return to Georgetown

Next fall, Georgetown will welcome home a good friend, professor Jo Ann Moran Cruz. After completing her undergraduate degree at Harvard University and receiving her Masters and doctorate from Brandeis University, Moran Cruz became a Georgetown professor and eventually co-founded the Medieval Studies program. A leader in her field, she[Read More…]

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University Selects New SFS-Q Dean

Gerd Nonneman has been appointed dean of the School of Foreign Service in Qatar, effective in September, University President John J. DeGioia announced in an email Wednesday morning. DeGioia chose Nonneman with the consultation of Provost James O’Donnell and Dean of the SFS Carol Lancaster after an international search led[Read More…]

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University Utilizes Telecommunication to Benefit of Students

The university is making headlines in the technology community following the release of a case study on the efficacy of telecommunications and videoconferencing in university classrooms. Since 2008, the Hilltop has been home to a “global classroom,” featuring cutting-edge audiovisual communications technology, which students and faculty use to interact with[Read More…]

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