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Vehicle of Erratic Policing

Vehicle of Erratic Policing

Students who live off campus have had enough. Enough of Student Neighborhood Assistance Program intervention in the smallest of social gatherings. Enough of draconian responses to open trash can lids. Enough of arbitrary punishments often compounded by so-called “tone policing.” Although part of an off-campus community, students are not held[Read More…]

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The Changing Face of Catholic Discipline

Catholic school. The words evoke a stern image: punishment meted out at a ruler’s edge, crisp and abrupt as a cassock’s collar. At Catholic school, we might believe that trouble costs because discipline hurts. In the early nineteenth century, discipline at Georgetown certainly hurt. The school adopted a model of[Read More…]

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Changing City and College

With the recent creation of a White House task force to combat sexual assault on college campuses, it is clear that necessary national scrutiny has returned to the issue of sexual misconduct. Both the Hilltop and the District have recently made long-overdue updates to their policies that will allow the[Read More…]

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Unfair Punishment Stifles Students’ Voice

I spent most of my time at Georgetown in The Voice’s office — for better or for worse, it’s what I loved about college and where I learned. So, consider this a biased take on the news that the Center for Student Programs will force The Voice into a smaller[Read More…]

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Write-Up Execution Uneven

Julie Shuster (COL ’13) was sitting quietly in her pajamas last year when her Harbin resident assistant came into her room to search for alcohol. Though she had two empty beer cans on her desk, Shuster was entirely sober, and she was speaking with a friend, easily visible through the[Read More…]

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