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On the Record is a new student-run publication funded by GU Politics that will promote political dialogue.

Student-Run Publication Funded by GU Politics Launched to Promote Political Dialogue

The student-run publication “On the Record” was launched last week to serve as an online forum for political discourse on campus. The Georgetown University Institute of Politics and Public Service is funding the publication. The publication was founded to promote dialogue about a range of political topics, Head Editor Caroline[Read More…]

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Write to Persuade, Not to Offend

When the Georgetown Academy appeared to be making a comeback on campus this fall, we were initially hopeful that it would effectively fill a needed role on campus: that of the sober, dispassionate observer with a strong and principled conservative take on events.  We expected it to publish thoughtful articles[Read More…]

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New Publication Highlights Local Entrepreneurship

New Publication Highlights Local Entrepreneurship

Venture Capitol, a new online journal dedicated to entrepreneurship, launched this semester through the efforts of two students whose converging reflections on Georgetown University’s stock career industries led them to create something more iconoclastic. Sonia Vora (SFS ’15), co-founder and co-editor-in-chief, initially drew inspiration for the site from Princeton University’s[Read More…]

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Series of Essays Sheds Light Onto Life of American Poet

Series of Essays Sheds Light Onto Life of American Poet

Larry Woiwode’s straightforward narrative voice and clear prose serve the essay medium well as evidenced by his latest collection of writings, Words Made Fresh. Woiwode, poet-laureate of North Dakota and freelance writer for publications such as The New Yorker, The Atlantic,Harper’s and The Paris Review, comfortably contains his voice to the long essay medium. Starting off strongly[Read More…]

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Time to Rekindle Raillery

As the drudgery of midterm season rolls on, the tired looks, caffeine jitters and unbearably crowded library continue to leave an air of misery on campus. To lighten the mood, why can’t our campus news organizations provide us with a little comic relief while still keeping us informed? The news[Read More…]

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Dems Revive Publication

With a newly defined mission to provide a dynamic forum for debate, The Georgetown Progressive, the official publication of the Georgetown University College Democrats, has recently re-launched. “In the past [the coverage] may have been more of a regurgitation of the news, but now we’re doing more analysis from a[Read More…]

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