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AMBER GILLETTE/THE HOYA | Chef and humanitarian José Andrés addresses graduates of the McCourt School of Public Policy on May 16.

Collaboration Enables Change, Chef and Humanitarian Advises McCourt Graduates

Internationally recognized chef and humanitarian José Andrés extolled the value of collaboration between insiders and outsiders in the public policy world at the McCourt School of Public Policy commencement May 16. Andrés, an immigration reform advocate and founder of the nonprofit World Central Kitchen, which aids hunger relief efforts, described[Read More…]

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University Launches New Masters Programs

Georgetown will launch the new Master of Arts in Educational Transformation and the Master of Arts in Learning and Design graduate programs in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in summer of 2017. The programs, which have already begun accepting applications, will be one to two years long, depending[Read More…]

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Professor Paasha Mahdavi, along with professors from UCLA, found that low gasoline taxes are hindering climate change progress.

Countries Fail to Curb Fossil Fuels

Governments are not discouraging fossil fuel consumption, according to Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy professor Paasha Mahdavi and University of California, Los Angeles professor Michael L. Ross in their paper “Nature Energy” published Jan. 9. The researchers analyzed global gasoline prices, taxes and subsidies in “Global Progress and[Read More…]

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Lombardi, McCourt Launch Genomics Course

Beth Peshkin, professor of oncology and senior genetic counselor at Georgetown’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, will be teaching a new course titled “Genomics, Precision Medicine and Public Policy” at the McCourt School of Public Policy in the spring of 2016. The course aims to help students gain relevant perspectives both[Read More…]

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New Institute Targets Youth Engagement

The McCourt School of Public Policy will launch the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service this fall, led by former Democratic National Committee Director of Communications Mo Elleithee (SFS ’94), to foster public service and civic engagement. McCourt School Dean Edward Montgomery said he believes that the Institute for[Read More…]

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School of Public Service

The School of Foreign Service announced this week that it will establish the Walsh Scholars Initiative, a program targeting students pursuing careers in public service. The program’s aim is to make public sector careers more attractive by providing mentorship and institutional support in finding internships and career opportunities; by introducing[Read More…]

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Political Professors Drawn to Hilltop

Political Professors Drawn to Hilltop

Georgetown’s faculty is replete with reputable figures across many fields, but the behind-the-scenes process of acquiring these high-profile professors could constitute a course in its own right. Many who come have experience with public policy, whether in government or the media. Edward Montgomery, dean of the Georgetown Public Policy Institute,[Read More…]

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