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Changes to Faculty Pay Plan Possible

The Office of the Provost has announced that it aims to approve the new five-year plan for faculty pay schedules and annual merit-based pay increases proposed by the Main Campus Planning Committee before Thanksgiving. A memo sent by Provost James O’Donnell to all university employees on Oct. 28 said a[Read More…]

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Provost Discusses Diversity Initiative Progress

As the administration begins to review the Diversity Initiative’s recommendations, University Provost James O’Donnell said he hopes to see changes in curriculum, faculty recruitment and admission by the middle of next year. “It has been a valuable year in which to have these conversations going on,” O’Donnell said. The initiative,[Read More…]

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Winter Behind Him, Provost Preps Initiatives

Provost James O’Donnell oversees academic policy for the six main campus schools of Georgetown. Yet around campus, he is recently known for his e-mails regarding university closings during the February “Snowmageddon.” In the interview below, O’Donnell comments on his initiatives as provost, as well as past and future closing policy.[Read More…]

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Scheduling Change

First, I want to thank Provost James O’Donnell for his efforts during what surely must be a stressful week. He and his staff are to be commended for their continued efforts to make our Georgetown learning experiences as valuable as possible, and his efforts to find new ways to connect[Read More…]

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