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White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka left an SFS CyberProject panel earlier than expected Monday after student protests and contentious questions.

Trump Adviser Gorka Leaves Panel Early After Protests

Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, left a Georgetown International Project on Cyber Engagement panel on “fake news” and propaganda yesterday 20 minutes before it was scheduled to end after heated exchanges with a group of students protesting his invitation. Gorka was scheduled to depart the panel before 1:30 p.m.,[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Security Amid Protests

Half a dozen protesters representing, an organization dedicated to disputing the legitimacy of November election, were escorted off campus by the Georgetown University Police Department on Jan. 11 after disrupting classes in the Intercultural Center and Reiss Building to denounce President-elect Donald J. Trump. The protesters, who were not[Read More…]

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Students Protest CJC Panel

A group of around six students protested during and after a panel discussion on the politics and policies of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held by the Center for Jewish Civilization in Gaston Hall on Thursday evening. During the question-and-answer section of the panel, the group of students got up[Read More…]

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Naaz Modan/The Hoya

Pro-Life Group Protests Cecile Richard’s Visit

About 10 protestors from the Pennsylvania-based American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property demonstrated against the Georgetown University Lecture Fund’s invitation to Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards to speak on campus outside the university’s front gates Monday afternoon. TFP is a Catholic organization dedicated to defending conservative[Read More…]

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Study Predicts Surge in Protests

In light of this year’s rise in protests on college campuses nationwide, the University of California at Los Angeles’ annual campus survey, “The American Freshman,” found the highest number of students who said they expected to participate in protests in the 50 years since the report’s conception. The survey, a[Read More…]

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BOBROSKE: South African Students Rally For Education

BOBROSKE: South African Students Rally For Education

In just two short weeks, the #FeesMustFall campaign shook South Africa. Students shut down campuses across the country to protest massive double-digit tuition increases for the following year, including an 11.5 percent increase at Stellenbosch University. Students faced police brutality in the form of tear gas, riot police, intimidation and arrests,[Read More…]

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On Painful, Senseless Hatred

From how it played out on the street and screen, you might think students were having fun. They smiled and laughed with witty signs, ridiculing the protestors just outside the gates. Dozens of students asked them questions, taking glee in the studied idiocy they received in return. The scene was[Read More…]

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In response to the federal grand jury’s decision in the Ferguson, Mo. case, demonstrators took to Red Square, the White House and the city at large.

Ferguson Rallies Reach Campus, District

The Georgetown University Black Leadership Forum mounted a Week of Action this week to reflect on recent events in Ferguson, Mo., and draw attention to racial and criminal justice issues following a week of protests in Washington, D.C., that included a march in Georgetown last Saturday. Almost 200 students took[Read More…]

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An annual protest for immigrant rights, pictured from 2013, starts on campus, before making its way to the Capitol. The university released updated guidelines for on-campus demonstrations on Monday.

Campus Protest Guidelines Clarified

The university released guidelines for campus protests and tabling in an update to the Speech and Expression Policy sent in a campus-wide email yesterday. The new guidelines for campus protests specify areas of campus in which groups should protest, depending on where an event is held. Students are instructed to protest[Read More…]

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Ukrainian activist Yulia Marushevska, who became a symbol of the Euromaidan protests with her appearance in the viral “I Am A Ukrainian” video, spoke Tuesday in ICC Auditorium about her experience and hopes for her country.

Euromaidan Activist Shares Experience

In a simple declaration of feeling and national pride, Yulia Marushevska looks at the camera and declares, “I am a Ukrainian” before explaining why the Ukrainian people finally decided to rise up against their government leadership led by former president Viktor Yanukovych. The two-minute YouTube video clip, published on Feb.[Read More…]

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