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The Braman family’s $10 million donation has enabled Georgetown to launch the new Center for Jewish Civilization, part of the SFS.

GU Launches Center for Jewish Civilization

Boosted by a $10 million donation from the Braman family, Georgetown University officially launched the Center for Jewish Civilization, announced by University President John J. DeGioia in a campus-wide email Wednesday. The CJC serves as an interdisciplinary teaching and research unit within the School of Foreign Service, with a focus[Read More…]

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Center for Jewish Civilization Plans Launch

Georgetown University will launch the Center for Jewish Civilization, an interdisciplinary teaching and research program that will cover all aspects of Jewish civilization, with an event Monday. The center, which will replace the Program for Jewish Civilization, is the result of almost 12 years of work by university administrators, faculty[Read More…]

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Rabbi Harold S. White was the first full-time Jewish chaplain at a U.S. Catholic university, and oversaw the foundation of the PJC.

Rabbi White, 83, Built Jewish Life, Programs

Upon descending the stairs to the second floor of the Intercultural Center, a quaint but easily overlooked sculpture can be observed toward the right wall. The bronze statue depicts a scene in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, in which the titular character embraces his father after returning from a[Read More…]

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Former Chaplain White, 83, Dies

Former Senior Jewish Chaplain Rabbi Harold S. White, a member of the Georgetown community since 1968, died of complications from a stroke on Aug. 31. He was 83 years old. As the first full-time rabbi appointed to a campus ministry position at a Catholic university in the United States, White[Read More…]

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Professor Explores Nazi Psyche

Professor Alan Confino discussed his book “A World Without Jews: The Nazi Imagination from Persecution to Genocide” and provided insight on the psychological basis of the Nazi consciousness Wednesday afternoon in the Mortara Center. The event, sponsored by sponsored by the Program for Jewish Civilization, featured Confino, who teaches at[Read More…]

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Panel Talks Palestine Peace

A panel of leading Middle East experts spoke about the current Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations in the Reiss Science Building on Wednesday. The panel included Ambassador Dennis Ross, Ghaith Al-Omari and Jeremy Ben-Ami. The event was sponsored by J Street U Georgetown, the Georgetown University Lecture Fund, Georgetown College Democrats and[Read More…]

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Haaretz Journalist Discusses Israel’s Past

Israeli author and journalist Ari Shavit discussed his new book, “My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel,” on Tuesday in Copley Formal Lounge as part of the Georgetown University Program for Jewish Civilization’s spring lecture series. Shavit is a senior correspondent and member of the editorial board at Haaretz, a leading Israeli[Read More…]

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Linguist Discusses New York Jewish Conversation

Linguist Discusses New York Jewish Conversation

Deborah Tannen, a professor in the department of linguistics at Georgetown, analyzed the multifaceted nature of American Jewish speech on Wednesday evening in theBioethics Research Library. “Don’t Just Sit There. Interrupt!: A Linguistic Analysis of New York Jewish Conversation” kicked off the Program for Jewish Civilization’s 2013-2014 lecture series. While Tannen has[Read More…]

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Academic Addresses Jewish Values Amid Prohibition

Georgia State University assistant professor of history Marni Davis addressed misconceptions about the complex relationship between Jewish identity and American prohibitionist values Wednesday afternoon. The lecture, sponsored by the Program for Jewish Civilization and the American Studies Program, stemmed from Davis’ 2012 book “Jews and Booze: Becoming American in the[Read More…]

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PJC Celebrates Philip Roth’s Birthday

Derek Parker Royal, executive director of the journal Philip Roth Studies, and Jacques Berlinerblau, director of the Program for Jewish Civilization, praised American Jewish novelist Philip Roth’s lifetime of literary work at an event March 13 that celebrated the writer’s 80th birthday March 19. The PJC and the English department made the event a true[Read More…]

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